Oct 08 2006

Democrats Follow Media In Photoshop Propaganda

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Ed Morrisy caught Democrats faking photos of Canadian troops and trying to pass them off as American Troops. Does anyone think a party which cannot even identify a US uniform from a Canadian uniform should run this nation? Can America allow liberals who are so ignorant and distant from our military to be in a leadership role after all the military men and women have done and sacrificed for our protection? There is no way I could insult those sacrificing everyday in far away lands by making them subserviant to political con artists. It is just inconceivable a national party could be so disconnected from the nation it purports to represent.

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  1. Limerick says:


    You pretty well hit the nail on the head with this one. This is exactly WHY I am a Republican.

    I was there in 75, watching the ships pull away from the shores. I was there in 75, watching the overloaded helicopters drop freightened women and children on the decks of a carrier. I was there in 76, as the camp of refugees we had in Oklahoma tried to overcome their fears of being abandonded by America. And the REASON this happened is because the DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS cut all monetary aid to the South Vietnamese government. You hear all about he ‘American’ atrocities in the war, but NOT A SINGLE WORD FROM THE LEFT about the hundreds of thousands of of innocent people murdered by the victor. When we left the coast I was ashamed of my country.

    Now my son fights a war. He has been to the desert for two out of the last three years, and will return again next year. The LAST THING this father wants to for my son to sail away from that shore, watching terrified people on the beach wonder why America has left.

    I was THERE. Unfortunately I still am. Always will be.

  2. Ken says:

    Limerick-you’re dreaming. If the US had stayed in Vietnam
    5 more years, the South Vietnam government would still not have rallied the people to its side–but the US would have had 5 more years
    worth of casualties. The domino theory was disproven, the Reds set to fighting among themselves rather than forming an internationale
    bloc against us, and the raison d’ etre for war was proven wrong.

    The parallels with today are obvious.

  3. Ken says:

    Sorry about that French idiom, FE–I would have loved to
    see the Dems picture French rather than Canadian military, just so
    you’d have a cow.

  4. Limerick says:


    I still have my uniform. It still has spit from your kin and kit on it. Your are right bye the way. Still dreaming.

  5. Ken says:

    Limerick-if you’re angrier at those who shortened the no-win and unwinnable war than you are at those who conducted it, you
    didn’t learn a thing.

  6. Snapple says:

    Dear Limerick,

    Thanks for your service and for your son’s service, too.

    I am no expert, but sometimes I think we are mistaken to fight these wars so carefully. Maybe we care too much who likes us. Maybe we should worry about hearts and minds after we win.

    We didn’t beat the Germans and the Japanese that way.

    I am not saying this is right, but I wonder.

  7. Limerick says:

    Thank you Snapple. It REALLY means alot. I don’t want war either. But I realize that all the left ‘theory’ that the world needs to hug one another can’t understand that most of the world lives in the stone-age.

    My position on all of it is the same as the Allies views of war in WWII.

    The PEOPLE are responsible for their governments. All this talk about ‘we support the people but are against the government’ is a bunch of BS.

    Thank you for your thanks. I worry like hell for my son, but damn proud of him. When he enlisted he told me ‘Dad, it is the right thing to do’. When he re-enlisted he said ‘Dad, I have a job to do and the job isn’t done’………

    Cheers Snapple. GET OUT THE VOTE!

  8. The Macker says:

    Our stand in Viet Nam did prevent the domino action. But many deaths would have been avoided had not the traitors here at home sold us and the South Viet Namese out. Gen. Giap has said the anti-war movement here kept them going. Nazi dupes, communist dupes, and present day fascist dupes are all the same.

    Limerick, bless you and your son.

  9. Ken says:

    Keep the myth alive, Macker. The South Vietnamese government
    was not sold out, it was simply less representative of the people’s
    wishes than the North Vietnamese–and its association with the
    US probably didn’t help its standing in that respect.

    Limerick, if your son is going to re-enlist until “the job is done” he is going to be a lifer.

  10. Limerick says:

    And being a ‘lifer’, meaning to serve his country, is a bad thing Ken?