Oct 05 2006

Foleygate Going To Explode On Dems!

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Update: Raw Story implies ABC News is going with “fake but accurate”:

Sources inside ABC News tell RAW STORY that the evidence of widespread misconduct by Foley is overwhelming and rules out the possibility that the entire scandal is based on a prank or a sting.

Note the idea the overall picture is correct, therefore the entire thing couldn’t be a sting. Is it me or is ABC News in denial about the gullibility and sloppiness.

Update: Let’s think about the implications of all this if it is true and Jordan Edmunds – Republican – was simply a person in on joke IMs from 2003 with Foley. It means ABC News did not perform minimal due dilligence since bloggers Wild Bill and Ms Understimating were able to get a brief glimpse at the AOL account name and find the young man in Oklahoma in a few short days. Can we assume ABC was able to get that far? Why not – they should have been able to. Then how is it they did not get the potentially damaging story that these were pranks emails – not for real? How could they miss that? And how could ABCNews miss the fact the source was a Democrat operative?

Well, there are only so many reasonable conclusions we can speculate about. Option (1): The Democrat operative could have pretended to be Edmunds and lied to a lot of people about a lot of things. But recall these IM messages came AFTER a well publicized leak regarding questionable (but legal) emails from 2005. So were these two different sources? Still, how is it ABCNews missed the real Jordan Edmunds? Option (2): Edmunds was approached about the IMs and provided them to the Democrat operative, possibly for something in return (e.g., cold hard cash, keeping quiet). This way Edmunds would pretend to be the victim to ABC News when it caught up to him. Option (3): ABCNews was so sloppy (or negligent) they printed anything they got and did no due diligence whatsoever – or were never inclinded to for other reasons.

One thing is for sure, if this was a prank used for dirty tricks, then this story is not over and the Democrats and ABCNews have a lot of explaining to do to America. Because what happened was nearly the equivalent of yelling ‘fire’ in a theatre. Peoples’ lives have been trampled in the stampede of a media feeding frenzy. And that is real damage to a person’s well being and livilihood. End Update

Drudge is now claiming the explicit emails were only a Page prank that got into the hands of democrat political operatives. This may be a case of pure BDS blindness setting. It may also be the case where Rogers and Aravosis and CREW screwed themselves and the Democrats. It now makes sense why someone might hold onto the IMs – as a memory of a joke. Apparently the young man exposed by Passionate American is giving up the ghost (which is great news). I do regret assuming they had outed a young child victim. But my fatherly instincts are reasonable. What excuse do the Democrats have! Anyone doubt the timing of the Drudge headline with Hastert presser? Not me.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    Geez were all having drinks of our choice

    and the dems are spitting their cool-aid all over the keyboard

    Irony is so much fun

  2. The Foley Scandal, Part One Billion…

    How is it that ABC, Blogactive, AMERICABlog, and this unheard of new blog Stop Sex Predators, all seemed to be working in unison to get as much publicity out of friendly emails, and then all of a sudden these IM’s appeared? Who got these emails …

  3. smh10 says:

    Oh Enforcement I hope that is a joke..lol. On second thought they do think us Republicans are suckers all of the time.

  4. CatoRenasci says:

    AJ, there is another option: Edmund was part of a group that was involved in the IM prank. He and a few other friends (probably mostly republicans, but who knows) new about the IMs, but had more or less forgotten about them. Edmund had a copy, and perhaps so did the others in the group. Perhaps accidentally, perhaps on purpose (why??) one of the people who had a copy of the IM session let someone who was a Democrat see it. Or, perhaps one of the people in on the joke who had a copy used to be a Republican but switched sides. (An example would be the head of the Northwestern college republicans a year ago who decided over the summer he was (1) gay and (2) no longer a republican – I don’t suggest he was involved, only that people do change sides) That person decided to share those IMs. When is the question. Were they shared only after the first publicity? Or, as appears likely, were they floating around in Democratland for a while? Inquiring minds want to know…

  5. Drudge and The Prank Theory…

    According to one Oklahoma source who knows the former page very well, Edmund, a conservative Republican, goaded an unwitting Foley to type embarrassing comment…

  6. Terrye says:

    I am watching Brit Hume and no mention has been made of this. Are we sure it is true?

  7. Bloggers Best MSM again…

    I’m sure some blogger has covered this already because there are a lot of really good bloggers out there but I haven’t read it yet so just in case let’s take a little bit different look at Foleygate.
    First of all it was a faux blog th…