Oct 10 2006

Foleygate Timeline

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More Updates Regarding Email Timeline and House Staff Names

Updates will be in bold as more details come in

Here is a fairly complete and accurate timeline on Foleygate compiled by AP. The key missing elements are the claims by Aravosis and Rogers on when they were attmepting to basically blackmail Fordham and when they got Fordham to ‘out’ Foley (their claims Fordham denies). We also need to add the July 28th appearance of the mystery website and the KoS commenter WHintern’s postings about Foley. So here is the more complete version from sources around the net such as Gateway Pundit and Mac Ranger and Radar On Line [additions from blog reporting entries and modifications in italics:

  • June 1997: Foley, a Florida Republican, reportedly writes sexually explicit instant messages to male ex-House Page Tyson Vivyan, who keeps the contacts a secret as he fends off Foley’s advances. Vivyan was 17 when the contacts begin, with the anonymous Foley making contact with Vivyan through Vivyan’s AOL account. [Note: corrected month from July to June].
  • 1998, 2000, 2002: Three new claims of sexual approaches by Foley towards ex-Pages between 17-18 years old as reported by ABC News.
  • 2000-2001: Rep Jim Kolbe is notified of some questionable contacts by Foley with a Page and alerts House Clerk Jeff Trandahl and Foley’s Office (likely Kirk Fordham is notified as well).
  • 2003: Foley reportedly writes sexually explicit instant messages to a male House page. Reporting shows this may be contact with an ex-Page right around his 18th birthday.
  • May 2003: Foley faces questions about his sexual orientation as he prepares to run for a Senate seat in Florida. He later drops out of the race.
  • Before January 2004: Foley’s chief of staff, Kirk Fordham, [allegedly] has conversations with senior aides in House Speaker Dennis Hastert’s office “asking them to intervene” to address Foley’s inappropriate behavior toward pages, according to Fordham.
  • January 2004: Fordham leaves Foley’s office.
  • July 2004: John Aravosis claims Fordham was his source for outing Rep Foley as a gay (which possibly ended his Senate run).
  • July 2004: Mike Rogers posts an open letter to Fordham demanding he explain why he is supporting Mel Martinez.
  • March 2005: Mike Rogers posts a rant against Foley which includes claims of Foley’s misbehavior with young men and predicts a big political scandal preceding the 2006 elections.
  • July 29, 2005: Folely makes first email contact with the Page from Louisianna, which makes the Page uncomfortable after some other emails (the other emails are not dated).
  • Aug 29, 2005: Hurricane Katrina hits LA.
  • Aug 30-31, 2005: Louisianna Page contacts House Staffer (now known to be Danielle Savoy working for LA Rep Rodney Alexander) regarding Foley’s overtures, supposedly passes on email at this time.
  • Sep 13, 2005: Foley emails to LA Page are printed off by someone, these will be sent to CREW in May of 2006 via Fax. Will also end up at ABC News at sometime in July-August 2006.
  • Oct 17, 2005: Email exchange between LA Page and House Staffer (Ms Savoy) are printed off by someone, these will be sent to CREW in May of 2006 via Fax. Will also end up at ABC News at sometime in July-August 2006.
  • Detailed, more accurate timeline of events created above Fall 2005: A former page contacts the office of his sponsor, Rep. Rodney Alexander, R-La., about e-mails he had received from Foley that asked about the boy’s age, then 16, and his birthday. Foley in one e-mail also requested a photo of the page.
  • Fall 2005: Alexander’s chief of staff calls House Speaker Dennis Hastert’s office about the e-mail exchange. Alexander’s aide declines to show the message to Hastert’s staff and to the clerk of the House, who administers the page program, but says it is not of a sexual nature and that the family simply wants the contact to stop. Hastert said last week he was not aware of “a different set of communications which were sexually explicit … which Mr. Foley reportedly sent another former page or pages.”
  • Replaced by more accurate timeframe (November) in item below The clerk and Rep. John Shimkus, R-Ill., meet with Foley, who assures them he was only acting as a mentor to the boy. Shimkus, who chairs a House board that oversees the page program, orders Foley to cease contact with the boy and Foley agrees.
  • Fordham, Foley’s former chief of staff, begins serving in the same capacity for Rep. Tom Reynolds, R-N.Y., chairman of the House Republican Campaign Committee.
  • 10/17/05 – 11/30/05: Possible window for the leak of the emails to a man who then passes them around to news media outlets
  • November 1-18th, 2005: Rep Shimkus and House Clerk Tandhal confront Foley with the emails, probably printed out from Alexander’s office, probably redacted to protect the Louisianna Page’s identity, and probably the version leaked to someone who shopped them to the news media. The range of dates is defined by Trandahl’s resignation as Clerk of The House.
  • Nov 18, 2005: Jeff Trandahl resigns as Clerk of The House of Representatives to become Executive Director of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
  • November 2005: The St. Petersburg Times says it assigned two reporters to investigate after being given copies of the e-mail exchange with the Louisiana teenager. The paper said Saturday it decided not to publish at the time because of the seriousness of what would be implied and because the boy and the family would not go on the record. The Miami Herald says it, too, had a copy of the e-mail but decided not to go public because the message was not sexually explicit and was subject to interpretation.
  • Spring 2006: Alexander mentions the Foley situation to House Majority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio. Alexander says Boehner refers him to Reynolds. Both Boehner and Reynolds say they talk with Hastert about it. Boehner quotes Hastert as telling him the Louisiana page’s complaint “had been taken care of.” Hastert says later he doesn’t recall the meeting with Boehner and the speaker’s staff says he did not learn of it until much later.
  • May 2006: Harpers magazine is provided the Foley Emails (and probably the Savoy emails) by a democrat operative who likely was the man who was leaked to during Oct-Nov 2005 period when the emails had to have been leaked.
  • May 29, 2006: CREW receives the Foley communications between the LA Page and Hill Staffer, as well as the Foley emails – via Fax. [There may have been contact with CREW earlier in April according to the FBI].
  • July 2006: Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington [CREW], a liberal leaning watchdog group, obtains copies of Foley’s e-mails and gives them to the FBI. The FBI says later the initial group of e-mails did not rise to the level of a federal offense.
  • July 2006: The mysterious website stopsexpredators.blogspot.com is created and begins innocuous and minor postings on July 28th.
  • July 2006: John Aravosis receives copies of the emails from someone, and was at the time informed CREW had the emails and had submitted them to the FBI – making it likely he and CREW had the same source. H/T Flopping Aces.
  • August 2006: Brian Ross claims he firsts has access to the less worrisome emails and is too busy to deal with them (though one could read his claim as being to busy with Katrina as Fall of 2005).
  • Sept 05: Commenter WHInternNow posts at DailyKOS prescient comments about Foley and his acts with “young boys” – apparently the first to really break the story – before the website sighted as the original source.
  • Sept 21: Website Stop Sex Predators posts on emails supposedly coming into the site from people with stories about Mark Foley.
  • Sept. 24: Website Stop Sex Predators posts scans of the innocuous emails from Foley to the 16 year old Page which was the focus of activity back in the fall of 2005. Supposedly only a few people in Congress and the new media have access to these emails at this point in time.
  • A whole 12 minutes after the website posts the scans, WHInternNow is back posting the news at DailyKOS. With limited readership at the site one wonders at how quickly WHInternNow found the scanned emails.
  • Sept. 28: ABC News reports on the e-mail exchange with the Louisiana teenager. Foley’s Democratic challenger, Tim Mahoney, calls for an investigation into the exchange.
  • Sept 28: John Aravosis posts his reaction to the news and admits he had the emails “several months ago”, which times in well with the July submission of the emails by CREW to the FBI.
  • Sept. 29: Revelations emerge of sexually explicit instant messages Foley sent in 2003 to former pages. Foley resigns. The House votes to refer the matter to the ethics committee.
  • Sept. 29: Mike Rogers posts on the DCCC website congragulations on taking his Foley lead and running with it. His comments are summarily deleted from the DCCC website but Rogers posts them on his site to gloat.
  • Sept. 30: Hastert says he is setting up a hot line for current and former pages and their families to report problems about the page program.
  • Sept. 30: Hastert’s office releases the results of their preliminary review of events.
  • Oct. 1: Hastert writes a letter to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales asking for an investigation of Foley’s conduct. Hastert writes a similar letter to Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. An FBI spokesman confirms the agency is “conducting an assessment to see if there’s been a violation of federal law.”
  • Oct. 2: Foley’s attorney, David Roth, says the former congressman is battling alcoholism and has checked into a rehabilitation facility.
  • Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington asks the Justice Department to investigate why the Foley e-mails they gave the FBI were not pursued.
  • Oct. 3: The Washington Times calls in an editorial for Hastert to resign as speaker. Hastert says he won’t resign. President Bush says he supports Hastert’s call for an investigation and says he was “shocked and dismayed” at Foley’s behavior. Boehner talks about conferring with Hastert in the spring about Foley.
  • Roth says at a news conference in West Palm Beach, Fla., that Foley was molested as a child by a member of the clergy but had never had sexual contact with a minor. He says Foley asked him to reveal publicly that Foley is gay.
  • Oct. 4: Fordham announces he is resigning as Reynolds’ chief of staff and tells The Associated Press he had conversations with House leadership about Foley’s behavior prior to January 2004.
  • The Justice Department orders the House to preserve Foley’s official computer files. A law enforcement official who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigation says that FBI agents are interviewing participants in the House page program.
  • The Florida Department of Law Enforcement confirms that it has begun its own preliminary inquiry into Foley’s e-mail contacts with House pages.
  • Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., calls for a group of former senators and others to investigate how the House handled the Foley matter.
  • Oct 6: Drudge breaks the news that the sallacious IM messages from 2003 involving Jordan Edmund are not real, were a prank, and landed in the hands of Democrat operatives which set up the fake scandal.
  • If I missed some key event please let me know in the comments and I will add it. I believe there were more times when Rogers gloated. But one can see there was a lot of activity right around the time the story was timed to break – and before it did so!

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    1. Baldy says:

      SORRY about that. The first post didn’t show up…

    2. PatrickW says:

      Also on Oct 4, Fordham says a lot of things which he contradicts later the same day.

      “I was still pretty shell shocked myself,” Fordham said of the day he learned about the messages. “This was someone I had worked for 10 years. I had no inkling that this kind of blatantly reckless – just obscene – behavior was going on behind our backs.”

      Asked if he had any information that could help investigators build a criminal case against Foley, Fordham said he wasn’t prepared to say yet. But he denied trying to suppress any information or evidence when he spoke by phone with ABC News before the instant message became public. He also said he had not discussed leaving Reynolds’ office since his own role in the Foley case has come to light.

      Fordham said that he never spoke to Reynolds about possible personal problems before the details of an e-mail exchange became public last Thursday, and Reynolds did not ask him about his ex-boss in the spring.

    3. Foley Timeline…

      AJ Strata has the definitive post on the Foley mess. The timeline is very interesting and concisely goes beyond the efforts of the drive-by media. While the liberals restate their tired themes into the witches cauldron, the facts are making it past the…

    4. AJ: I have a problem with a section of your timeline.

      Sep 13, 2005: Foley emails to LA Page are printed off by someone, these will be sent to CREW in May of 2006 via Fax. Will also end up at ABC News at sometime in July-August 2006.

      The evidence to support this is contradicted by public statements. Melanie Sloan and Naomi Seligman both publicaly claim that CREW received the ‘overly friendly’ emails on July 21, 2006.

      The evidence to support the argument that CREW received them in May 2006 is scant. Just because the PDF file they have posted has a date reading May 29, 2006, that doesn’t indicate at all when they were received by CREW. There are very likely scenarios in which the dates on the PDF hosted by CREW were there prior to reception by CREW.

      CREW has already denied that the May 29, 2006 fax date on the files is from them or from the source that gave them the emails.

      You should at least note these denials from CREW. Failure to do so provides easy ammunition for bloggers and reporters to question ther veracity of this timeline.

    5. AJStrata says:


      The only copies of the emails with the Fax header are CREWS copies. Granted, we don’t know if it was faxed to them or not – but without the cover page or a denial they are their copies!


      It’s called using the rope they brought with them. If CREW wants to PROVE otherwise, all they need to do is describe how they got Faxes from someone else.

    6. AJ: CREW has publicly stated that they received the emails on July 21.

      Are you saying that by not denying they received them, via fax, on May 29, 2006, that they are in fact lying about the July 21 assertion?

      It sure seems that if CREW says they received them on July 21, 2006 then they are denying that they received them via fax on May 29, 2006.

      It’s your timeline. But perhaps you should at least note the public statements made by CREW that they received them on July 21 and sent them to the FBI the same day.

    7. Limerick says:

      This is CREWs response to the release of the e-mails as carried on RAW…..


    8. retire05 says:

      AJ, please explain something for diwwitted me:
      I know that the emails to the LA page were leaked and probably out of Alexander’s office. But where did the IMs come from? Was Jordan Edmund the ex-page who was in the IM chat room with Foley? If so, why would he need a “criminal” attorney and not a victim’s rights attorney? And also I have this little problem. Foley has not denied or admitted to sending the IMs to anyone. And we know that someone logged on to Foley’s AOL account when he was apparently in a rehap center. I doubt that anyone going into a rehab would have access to a computer and I really don’t think that Foley would be so stupid as to log on considering all that was going on. Is there any remote possibility that the reason Foley doesn’t admit [or deny] the IMs is because he cannot remember being drunk on his tail? And is there a possibility that someone had access to Foley’s AOL account and was logging on in his name?
      I am not trying to defend Foley. Not in the least. He’s gone. Good riddence to bad rubbish. But if he was set up by someone he trusted (a page that worked for a Democrat?) that would be a whole new story.

    9. AJStrata says:


      The very salacious IM’s that ABC News got their hands on right when this story broke were between Foley and Jordan Edmund. Up until recently I had not heard of any other Pages who still had the IMs (that include Tyson Vivyan). One of the ex-Pages who came forward last week who was 21 may have had some evidence of his fling – but that was between consenting adults, obviously.
      Jordan Edmund may need a criminal defence attorney if he is afraid he is open to charges – there is no other reason to have on. The prank angle is interesting, but does not make a crime. There are too many possible angles to know why and how he feels exposed – could be he sold the IMs to someone, or he was part of an extortion gambit. Who knows.
      I would say the many noted accesses to his AOL account mean someone else had access to his account. From there all sorts of scenarios (including those you postulated) are possible. We will know when Foley talks to authorities.

    10. Enlightened says:

      AJ – My gut feeling is – more enablers from the left will emerge voluntarily out of the swamp in an effort to derail further investigation and possible outings of left closet gays. Apparently some pretty powerful lefties might be hiding bigger secrets than Foley. Looks like it’s time to quietly fold up the tent, and let yet another purported “Republican Scandal” sink into the lefty swamp rotted hall of shame.

    11. retire05 says:

      Thanks, AJ. I thought it was Edmond but was not sure. Now here is a another question (in light of the many gay men I know who do not make their life style blatant): why would Edmond turn those IMs over to ABC? Why not turn them over to the FBI and maintain some amount of privacy? If he had turned them over to the FBI during an ongoing investigation, they would not have been made public? I don’t know of any gay men that would want people to know that they were involved in such trashy IMs. Remember, Austin is the San Francisco of the southwest and the gays I know are pretty private people. In other words, they try to live just like anyone else. Why would Edmond want to go public with this information and humiliate his entire family? There is an ulterior motive here with Edmond for turning them over to ABC; be it payola, fame, revenge or part of a plan to out Republican gays.

    12. AJStrata says:


      You just made the best case as to why Edmund prabably needs a lawyer. Mac Ranger reported he did not look too good coming out of his interview with the FBI.

    13. retire05 says:

      AJ, saw Edmonds on a news clip. He didn’t look too happy.
      Here in Texas we have a saying “cowboy up” meaning get ready for the ride. Seems that some of these pages are “cowboying up”. Or should it be “lawyer up”?

    14. UrbanGrounds says:

      Democrats Knew About Foley Emails Since 2005…

      It looks like the outrageous indignation gushing from the Left side of the House is full of hypocrisy: The Dems knew too, and they sat on it.


    15. witch says:

      I am pleased that you and others on the web are onto this story, and keeping the Media (kinda/sorta) Honest.

      “Otherwise we become no better than sheep blindly following the grazing patterns of those ahead of us, forced to nose the DROPPINGS aside to get at what little unsoiled grass (information) that remains”

      With that in mind I suggest that your timeline reflect that Wild Bill at Passionate America was the Blogger who discovered Edmonds Identity and released it onto the web, before Drudge reported the instant massages as pranks gone wrong.

      Bill has taken a lot of heavy flack for releasing this information as his comments sections and responses from other much larger and well known Bloggers clearly show (see MM), and even though this information has been used by others most refuse to acknowledge his site or link to it.

      And the Media barely acknowledges him by name or his site, yet I believe that the internet world should support his actions which I believe were right given the information now known!

      History will judge Bills actions, and I would not wish it to record that the Blog world turned its back on him and the Media reported it first!

      October 3, 2006 6:15 AM, Wild Bill at Passionate: I have what I believe is the identity of the person that Rep. Mark Foley instant messaged.

      October 3, 2006 2:40 PM Press Release: Passionate America to Release Identity of a Person Rep. Foley Instant Messaged

      October 04, 2006, 3:33 AM Wild Bill at Passionate America: http://passionateamerica.blogspot.com/ Releases Jordan Edmonds Identity, Picture and image of his Myspace website.

      Keep your Time line up it is the best single source I am finding to date on all the varied incidents, and relationships to one another, and kudos for acknowledging changes and updates that is so much better than the stealth changes made in other media.