Oct 04 2006

Hastert Hints At Democrat Involvement In Foley Scandal

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As we await the hinted at story about some senior Democrat elected official’s role in Foleygate, Dennis Hastert is confidentally out saying the Democrats (and the media) will not be happy with who is possibly at the center of all this. Hastert goes on the record with a home state paper (holding his TV appearances for the proper moment of course):

n an interview with the Chicago Tribune on Wednesday night, Hastert said that he had no thoughts of resigning and he blamed ABC News and Democratic operatives for the mushrooming scandal that threatens his tenure as speaker and Republicans’ hold on power in the House.

When asked about a groundswell of discontent among the GOP’s conservative base over his handling of the issue, Hastert said: “I think the base has to realize after awhile, who knew about it? Who knew what, when? When the base finds out who’s feeding this monster, they’re not going to be happy. The people who want to see this thing blow up are ABC News and a lot of Democratic operatives, people funded by George Soros.”

Going out on a limb of speculation (as is my want in life) I would wager someone has linked CREW to that infamous little website that ‘broke’ a planted story. And he is using Dick Morris, of all people, as a collaborating source:

Hastert also tries to point the media to its own record of opposing stories coming out of one Kirk Fordham – whose story is changing and now talks through a lawyer:

Hastert challenged Fordham’s credibility directly. “You can also find that as late as (Tuesday), he said this member never did anything wrong. He (Fordham) has a short memory.”

Fordham’s lawyer, Timothy Heaphy, said Fordham warned Hastert chief of staff Scott Palmer at least two years ago about inappropriate behavior between Foley and pages.

“Palmer subsequently had a meeting with Foley and Foley mentioned it to Fordham,” Heaphy said.

Fordham is unsure when the meeting with Palmer occurred, but Heaphy said it was between 2002 and 2004, when Fordham was Foley’s chief of staff.

My second prediction is Fordham (and Rogers and Aravosis) are in over their heads and will not weather the investigative storm. They will begin to talk about the entire mess in order to avoid the reality of a criminal probe. They have graduated to the big leagues – and it is not as easy as it looks on TV.

More late night thoughts on the coming revelations from Mac Ranger. He agrees Fordham looks to be in trouble.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    Fordham is one of those people who moves from post to post in the staff environment and whever he goes the feces hits the fan.

    After this is will be an albatross in my opinion

  2. kathie says:

    As I said before Fordham is connected to David Corn.

  3. HaroldHutchison says:

    Did the HTML go screwy?

    I think this is gonna blow – bigger than Rathergate.