Oct 04 2006

Consensual Adults Do Not A Crime Make

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I have taken a lot of heat from readers very friendly to this site for keeping up the mantra that Foley appeared to be a sexual predator of kids. And he did appear to be one. Is non-denial resignation and his comments about being sorry has he went into re-hab carried a lot of weight with this father of a 17 year old boy. But I do know the difference between 16 and 18, when you can go fight and die for your country if you so chose. I was awaiting something solid to remove the responsibility from those who hid this information for so many months and years to create a staged scandal. Because in my mind, someone who covers for a child molester is just as guilty as the child molester. Only us adults can protect the children through vigilance and taking action when it calls for it.

And we may have reached that point because now Drudge, working off the information discovered by Passionate American and Ms Understimated is confirming the very salacious emails from 2003 come from a time when the “Page” (now 3+ years after the program) was 21 and obviously of a consenting age. Sorry folks, but gay internet sex between consenting adults is not illegal. We seem to have another case of the drive-by media and their Democrat enablers crying “Wolf” – again.

I make no apologies for being harsh on Foley because his actions took on the makings of guilt (not to mention his own words of regret and guilt). And I make no bones about complicity in crimes against children by those who hide the knowledge of the crime for partisan gain. And it may still come to pass Foley did at one time troll for underage contacts. He clearly knew how to hide his tracks and walk right up to the legal limit. But all those Senators with younger wives are in no position to be throwing stones at an older man looking for a younger partner.

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  1. patrick neid says:

    you are too quick for me AJ. i just posted this on what now is two stories ago!

    “as more and more info points to this being a “crew” hit peice funneled thru ABC’s mr ross, drudge is now reporting that the ex-page in 2003 was over 18 at the time of the IM’s. while the lynch mob might not care about that detail, legally it changes everything. to date, and this is subject to change, no one has said that foley ever, ever touched or behaved badly with any pages in DC. was he a doting aunt or a congressional “queen” absolutely. but you don’t throw a rope over a limb for that when it comes to the speaker–a good attorney will say you can’t even do that to foley.

    on a separate not i’d like to know if foley continued to troll underage ex pages–like the one in IA after he was verbally spanked by the speaker’s office.”

  2. Enlightened says:

    AJ – Not to worry, you have admirably stayed with the story as more and more information emerged. And you have now discovered that all is not what it seems, but unlike your counterparts on the right and left, you admitted the new info has changed your initial impressions.

    Hey – Foley was wrong in every sense of the word – he admitted it. And info is still coming out, I daresay the malignancy that is perpetuating this debacle is going to supply more details, not to further destroy Foley – he is done. It is only to demonstrate they have power, they will use it unscupulously, and no one in either party is protected from their venom.

  3. kittymyers says:

    Is Foley the tip of the iceberg?

    How many others are there — from both parties?

    As someone said, “I have a feeling the bottom of the Potomac River will be littered with hard drives before the weekend is out. Foley can’t be alone. “

  4. perdogg says:


    According to one website, one of the “Senators” who was on the list was warned about the Alito vote. This Senator is up for reelection this year, IIRC.

    I have my idea who the “Senator” might be.

  5. MerlinOS2 says:


    Slight correction

    Blogactive is the one with the senator threat,
    His target is a republican senator and he has been teasing his readers bit by bit with hints and narrowing the list
    The last update was in july and he has it down to 20 candidates for the hit

  6. Snapple says:


    You wrote “salacious emails from 2003 come from a time when the “Page” (now 3+ years after the program) was 21.”

    Drudge is saying the young man was 18 during the e-mails.
    That is an adult.

    I am having trouble following all of this.

    Did the young man claim he was underage?
    Perhaps on his site?

  7. AJStrata says:


    There are multiple boys at multiple ages at multiple times. I am with you! All I know is none where under 17 at the time Foley made contact. However, I still consider that predatory as a father of a 17 year old male HS senior.