Oct 04 2006

Folely Breaking Website Linked To KoS Commenter

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Someone has been doing some serious detective work at Radar On Line. Turns out a commenter on KoS was able to find that invisible website that ‘broke’ the Foley news within 12 minutes of the posting of the breaking news. But, that same commenter had inside knowledge of the Foley problems and commented on them BEFORE the story broke. Weeks before, on September 5th. My guess is the owner of the site and that commenter are linked – if not one in the same. And I would wager that they can be traced back to some Democrat operatives.

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3 Responses to “Folely Breaking Website Linked To KoS Commenter”

  1. MerlinOS2 says:


    I commented on all these things before in prior posts.

    The kos guy was his first post
    Also it was his first diary
    the local kos kids gave it a troll rating, due no history on the dude

    Stopsexpredators has since been scrubbed of all the comments on the posts

    the post there with the rude emails had two important commenters to the post

    One was our dear Mr Rogers asking the blog owner to contact him
    And another was the Miami Hearld Newspaper reporter who did a recent interview with Rodgers.

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    So how in a short period of a couple of days after the site sat idle with no traffic was simultaneously found by 4 interns , the questionable emails (which have typos from other net variations) a gay activist and a reporter who writes a gay issues column all hit there at once.

  3. roonent1 says:


    You are doing a great job. My name is Jeff Rooney, and I am the one that wrote the following at Macsmind (jrooney) and Strasphere(roonent1) this morning. How it ended up at Gateway Pundit is a mystery to me. I have since emailed them for clarification because I do not want to appear as a plagerizer. I posted this today:

    According to Lifson, Aravosis (one of the known liberals outing gay congress people) said he obtained the latest information about the five-term congressman from Foley’s former chief of staff, Kirk Fordham.

    QUESTION – Did Fordham have acccess to Foley’s IM account information, screen name and password? Very likely. Could he have passed this information onto Aravosis and Rogers? Very possible. Could some of the IMs been manufactured then by Rogers or Aravosis, those being reported by ABC. Probable.

    We know someone logged onto Foley’s IM account yesterday when he was in a treatment center for 20-30 seconds, according to Fox News. Could this have been Rogers or Aravosis

    I believe now that Fordham is gone, resigned or forced out, that my question carries more weight. Why would Aravosis claim he received the information from Fordham if he had not. How would Forhan know Foley was IMing former pages that had already gone home, unless he knew Foleys IM screen name and password. I highly doubt Foley would IM these teenagers in front of Fordham. Fordham now is mad he is gone and is lashing out to try and cover his tracks with Aravois. Coincidently, he is now claiming he told REP leadership three years ago, about the same time Rogers came into possession of IMS from Foley. Yeah, now that is too much of a coincindence. Something stinks here big time.

    This definetely needs more following up.

    Jeff Rooney