Oct 04 2006

Dems Conspired On Foley Leak?

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I am putting a question mark at the end of the title of this post out of caution because rumors are just that – rumors. But reader Roonent1 pointed out this comment at Polipundit which hints at some coming bad news for Dems:

FYI, you may have heard this, but Selena Zito with the Pittsburgh Tribune Review (I’m pretty sure that’s right) called in on a local (Birmingham, Alabama) talk radio program this morning. She said a major story might break today that a high ranking Democrat knew about the Foley matter and she hinted there was coordination with ABC, probably possibly [AJStrata: Modified per author’s requested intent in comment section] through George Stephanopoulos to release the story. (Not taking away from what a disgusting creep Foley is, but considering the reaction by the Dems to the story, this would look pretty bad for them IMO). Zito said she had a few more facts to verify, she does not want to report anything until she’s absolutely certain.

The wheels my be coming of the bus here soon.

Update: Gateway Pundit has a great round up post and more hints on the coming bombshell that will hit the Democrats. – Stay tuned.

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  1. sbd says:

    Clinton’s sexual scorched-earth plan

    If GOP pushes impeachment, White House loyalists warn, their own dirty secrets will be exposed.

    The threat to out the president’s critics is not new.
    It first surfaced on Feb. 8, when former White
    House advisor George Stephanopoulos, analyzing
    the then-2-week-old Lewinsky scandal for ABC’s
    “This Week,” said White House allies were “starting
    to whisper about what I’ll call the ‘Ellen Rometsch’
    strategy.” Stephanopoulos then went on to explain
    that Rometsch was an East German spy who had
    slept with President John Kennedy as well as many
    other congressmen and senators.

    “Robert Kennedy was charged with getting her out
    of the country and also getting [FBI Director] John
    Edgar Hoover to go to the Congress and say, ‘Don’t
    you investigate this, because if you do, we’re going
    to open up everybody’s closets,” Stephanopoulos
    said. Returning to the Lewinsky scandal, he added:
    “I think that in the long run, they have a deterrent
    strategy” (of gathering embarrassing details about
    the private lives of Clinton’s congressional critics
    and threatening to leak them to the media).

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    Wonder how much dirt hillary has on gays in congress from all those FBI files of filegate fame.

    Look how much people do for bribery in congress and lobbyist money and imagine if they are being threatented with being outed

  3. CJ says:

    Check out Gateway Pundit with some huge updates and this WorldNetDaily article: http://worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=52270

    An interesting piece of this article, “Among nearly 20 names on the “target list” provided to the Blade were Foley and Democratic Sen. Barbara Mikulski of Maryland

    The paper said a spokesman for Foley declined to comment after Aravosis asserted on his website the previous week that Foley is “gay.”

  4. CJ says:

    Another interesting thought I have not seen on any blogs or media, is a very important fact. Congress and the Senate hold various classified clearances to read classified documents, meetings etc. My husband is military and holds a top secret clearance. I was interviewed by a Special Investigator upon renewal of his clearance. They ask you many questions and want details of anything that could cause my hubby to be blackmailed etc. Doesn’t anyone out there see these events unfolding as a national security risk? These reps and senators whom live in a closet due to their sexual habits or preferences set themselves up for blackmail. One would think, the most important reason to blackmail them would be to make them vote a certain way, and if not they would be outed?

  5. Hayseed says:

    Sorry SBD but one of the FBI files the beast threatened to release as “The Scorched Earth Policy” is my file. That pile of crap is NOT the scorched earth policy. That bunch of crap was created to keep Clinton and Co. out of prison.
    Merlin get over the FBI files from “FILEGATE” they’re just BS. Filegate is just a ruse to divert everyones attention from the real files.
    You want to know the real files? Go back to 93 and find out what FBI files the US Attorneys were reviewing when Reno fired them in one big swoop.

  6. AJStrata says:


    Welcome. Do you mind telling us more about this or do you have links? First hand knowledge is important to understanding events.


  7. The Foley Scandal Redux…

    The Democratic party is going full tilt in their attempt to get us much as they can from the Foley incident:
    The Senate Democratic Campaign Committee (SDCC), headed by Reid, sent an e-mail with the subject line “Heckuva Job!” to supporters …

  8. DubiousD says:

    Something just hit me this morning. No, it wasn’t the deliveryman with my newspaper, but it maybe it should have been.

    Feel free to shoot holes in my theory if I’m in any way off the mark here:

    Brian Ross of ABC is one of the lead reporters on the Foley story.

    Earlier this year the FBI raided William Jefferson’s Washington office.

    During this time, Brian Ross broke the (bogus) story that Hastert was under FBI investigation, and that’s why he was “defending” Jefferson.

    Now, my question: did Ross ever specify what Hastert was supposedly being investigated for? Clearly the current Foley scandal is coordinated by the Democrats, and Brian Ross is their tool. And it also appears Ross was made a tool by whoever tipped him about the earlier bogus FBI-Hastert investigation.

    Could it be… that the past bogus Hastert scandal and the current Haster scandal are one in the same?

    Since suspicion is mounting that Dems have had the goods on Foley for some time, maybe when the Jefferson scandal was brewing, someone in the Dem machinery jumped the gun and said “Let’s unload the dirt on Foley now to divert attention from Jefferson.” Then cooler heads prevailed, blew the whistle, and said “Get back to the starting line, boys (and you, too, Ross), we’re saving this scandal for November”.

    Odd that Ross would be a part of two campaigns to smear Hastert specifically within a year.

  9. MerryJ1 says:


    Stephanopoulos’ quoted assertion is not accurate. For starters, there was no “East Berlin” when JFK’s pillow talk with the suspected Third Reich spy was recorded during surveillance of her activities. Hoover took the information, including Kennedy’s divulgence of some American military (he was a Navy officer) movement and plans, to Joseph P. Kennedy.

    The “spy” suspicions and investigation were based on the woman’s obvious friendships with and regular attendance at dinners hosted by several German officials close to Hitler (I don’t recall which ones, but stature such as Himmler, etc., it’s covered in “Secrecy and Power,” a Hoover biography by Powers and/or “J. Edgar Hoover: A Man and his Secrets” by Gentry).

    For seconds, Hoover absolutely detested Robert Kennedy (and wasn’t overly fond of his brother, John). Although I wouldn’t bet a Wimpy’s lunch special against the idea of Hoover rattling congressional secrets to keep some kinds of dirt out of the public view, I would bet the ranch he wouldn’t do so on behalf of the brothers Kennedy.

    The blackmail tactics Stephenopoulos described are a Clinton Crew stock-in-trade. Maybe they think it gives them some strange facade of respectability to pretend “Oh, the Kennedys did this too,” but as many warts as JFK had, and they were plentiful, there’s no evidence that extortion was among them.

  10. mad_cow says:

    It was my comment at polipundit referenced in AJStrata’s post here. This is a technicality I guess, but instead of “probably” I should have said “possibly” regarding any invlovement by Stephanopoulos.

  11. carol johnson says:

    Holy Smoke, DubiousD!

    You may be onto something. This is highly suspious!


  12. Hayseed says:

    Sorry I don’t have the links available right know and this may be a little disjointed but I’m just trying to give you a general idea of what I’m talking about.
    The FBI files Hillary threatened to release are the 15,000+ complaints filed with the FBI against police that Bush 41 ordered the FBI to review after the Roidney King beating in 1991.
    Police are agents of the city govt. as such the city govt. is liable for their actions. City govt. cover up the police abuse and corruption to avoid or lessen their civil liability. In most cases they will simply prosecute the victim, even when they are innocent. Since city govt. are overwelmingly controled by dems. the dems. had to creat the myth that police were not being held accountable because of Republican Racism. After the LA riots of 92, the FBI claimed they had done a complete review and found nothing. Bush ordered the US Attorneys to review the complaints. In June of 92 I contacted the US Attorneys office in Houston and provide evidence that the local offices of the FBI were covering up the police corruption by going around the US Attorneys.
    Bush’s US Attorney’s didn’t release their findings because the dems were planning to launch what is called “The Scorched Earth Policy” orchestrate race riots throughout every city in the US.
    You can find the meaning of the term Scorched Earth by going to Frontpage Mag. David Horowitz’s archives 8/19/02. You can find the day the FBI files of Hillary’s SEP popod up by doing a search for MARTHA MENDOZA CIVIL RIGHTS it will be an AP story dated March 20, 1999. You can find it again by doing a search for BRIAN ROSS RODNEY KING it will pop up as a report from 12/13(?)/95. You may recall it was in 96 that the Chinese got caught shipping in fully auto weapons to the gangs in LA, enought weapons for a small army.
    You might then like to reread UBL’s January 19, 2006 tape. The part of the tape where he says preporations are being made for the next terror attack refers to the ACLU passing out video cameras in St. Louis to redo the Rodney King beating.
    Hillary’s Scorched Earth Policy is the preporations for the terror attacks. Ckeck the pattern to the terror attacks, the left always orchestrates civil unrest prior to the attacks.
    I hope that is enough to give you an idea of what to look for, the money trail is even better. Did you ever wonder what you could get for invading Hatti and opening the flow of cocain to save Castro’s sorry ass?

  13. Foleygate Reloaded…

    Glass houses and all that….