Oct 04 2006

The Governator Saves The EC in CA

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Democrats, fed up that they have to live with the rest of us conservative Americans in flyover country outside the mega-cities have beeb trying for years to tear down the Electoral College system that brings equity to smaller states or staes with smaller populations. One idea was cooked up in California (no surprise there) to get enough states to swing their EC votes to the popular vote winner – ignoring how their state voted! Only in California is a state’s popular expression considered undemocratic. Well, Governor Schwarzenegger has vetoed the bill, killing the idea for now. The bill’s sponsor is now considering taking the idea to the very same voters his bill would ignore. Recall that in 2004, the bill would have meant George Bush getting CA’s 54 EC votes. Bet that idea will go over well in the blue state of CA!

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  1. az redneck says:

    Wasn’t same approach before the CO legislature? Scary.