Oct 04 2006

Liberal Media Just Doesn’t Get America

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RCP linked to this hillarious Howard Fineman article that exemplifies the liberal mindset of the media – and boy are they confused about America!

An Iraq war that has cost us nearly half trillion dollars—and the good will of the world—might not have done it. Runaway federal spending that allowed the national debt to reach $8.5 trillion might not have done it. George Bush’s low approval ratings, the lack of comprehensive immigration reform, the historical pattern of an anti-incumbent “six-year itch” in presidencies, the cascade of stories about administration ineptitude and dissembling and congressional financial and lobbying corruption—none of these issues seemed destined to end the Republicans’ 12 year reign in Congress.

Then came the Foley Scandal. If the Democrats can’t take the Hill now, they deserve to go the way of the Whigs.

There is so much wrapped up into this lede it is striking. Note the issue of the Iraq war is its length and cost, no recognition that it could change the world for generations and is the pivot point in the war on terrorism. Obviously liberals have an endless list of excuses to do nothing about terrorism. A Liberal concerned about federal spending is a hypocrite – we all know that. Bush’s popularity is right were one would expect in tough times, but it has all upside to it because of the economy, the job situation, and the fact the only thing holding it down is Iraq and concern over that. Then of course comes the Foley issue – like the Reps are responsible for one man’s sick behavior

But the real problem with the Dems is not how bad things look or are for the Reps, it is the fact the dems have nothing superior to offer that is their problem. And this is where Fineman and his little echo chamber on the Chris Mathews show miss the entire point (and misunderestimate America). You could have the worse football team in the world win a game if the other team doesn’t show up and put up some effort. The Dems keep pointing at the Reps and offer nothing. In fact, what they want (endless impeachment hearings) is the last thing America wants or needs. So they keep looking at the Reps and saying “how could we lose now?” Easy: the dems are worse in everyway than what they show us in the Reps. Take the Foley example. Some liberals held onto evidence that there was a child predator lose. We have no idea if it was from 2003, 2005, or July. But it is clear democrats who were notified of the issue and who agreed to hide the evidence for political gain are guilty of endangering children. And they don’t even understand this either. The Dems don’t get America. We live by rules of honor and decency and sacrifice. We would never leave a predator on the street for personal gain. (More on the witholding of evidence here

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  1. roonent1 says:


    Off topic here sorry. It is about Foley. I posted it on your earlier post a few minutes ago but I wanted to make sure you saw it.

    Tom Lifson has an article out this morning that got me thinking –


    Is this the ket? –

    According to Lifson, Aravosis (one of the known liberals outing gay congress people) said he obtained the latest information about the five-term congressman from Foley’s former chief of staff, Kirk Fordham.

    QUESTION – Did Fordham have acccess to Foley’s IM account information, screen name and password? Very likely. Could he have passed this information onto Aravosis and Rogers? Very possible. Could some of the IMs been manufactured then by Rogers or Aravosis, those being reported by ABC? Probable.

    We know someone logged onto Foley’s IM account yesterday when he was in a treatment center for 20-30 seconds, according to Fox News. Could this have been Rogers or Aravosis? I am sure the feds will know shortly if they already do not.

  2. Karig says:

    Yes, I’m beginning to wonder about the authenticity of the IMs also — how do you verify that they’re authentic? They’re just text files, right?

    Also, it’s clear that the Dems are expecting the voters to be running on pure emotion. They expect that people just aren’t going to figure out that the bad guy in the Foley affair ALREADY RESIGNED. What are Dems going to do, declare that the whole Republican Party is shot through with pederast enablers? And if they do, how is that different from the gossip campaign against George Allen?

    Democrats basically don’t have any issues to run on EXCEPT Republicans. They have no plans of their own, except to undo whatever it is that Republicans have done.

    It’s awful having an opposition party like this, and not merely because of the nastiness that they unleash. It’s awful because the Democrats are SO bad that Republicans have discovered that they can afford to grow fat and complacent. I submit that if Republicans in Congress are doing a piss-poor job, it’s because there is simply no credible competition — it’s almost unthinkable not to vote for the Republicans because the opposition is such a monumental disaster. This is one reason why we need a viable opposition party, with ideas of their own.

  3. AJStrata says:


    I did go read the article and it is interesting. I am simply waiting to see what else comes out from the bloggers or investigators. If this was a ‘fixed’ story then there will be a huge blowback on the media and the Dems.

    We shall see.


  4. roonent1 says:


    This is from the the comments section #6 of http://polipundit.com/wp-comments-popup.php?p=15288&c=1#comments

    Re: Unless the Democrats in Congress knew about it and said nothing. Here is copy of an email I sent PoliPundit this morning:

    FYI, you may have heard this, but Selena Zito with the Pittsburgh Tribune
    Review (I’m pretty sure that’s right) called in on a local (Birmingham,
    Alabama) talk radio program this morning. She said a major story might
    break today that a high ranking Democrat knew about the Foley matter and she
    hinted there was coordination with ABC, probably through George
    Stephanopoulos to release the story. (Not taking away from what a
    disgusting creep Foley is, but considering the reaction by the Dems to the
    story, this would look pretty bad for them IMO). Zito said she had a few
    more facts to verify, she does not want to report anything until she’s
    absolutely certain.

    She also said other “outings” would most likely occur before the election
    and would further hurt the Republicans although she said Democrats would
    probably be affected as well.

    I’m paraphrasing what she said, this is basically the gist of it. When the
    talk radio host asked when this might come out, she said he would be her
    second phone call.

  5. OLDPUPPYMAX says:

    Unintentional as it may be, there is no more revealing look into the mind of the radical left. It is all about regaining power. It is all about attack politics. The well-being of the nation and the American people is of secondary importance. Pathetic

  6. Ken says:

    Strata says the Iraq war is the “pivot” in the WOT, yet I have earlier pointed out that Sunni nationalists in Iraq are attacking US troops with as great or greater ferocity since they have begun attacking foreign Al Qaeda.
    Betcha’ AJ never considered this sign points to the fact that the new Iraqi government will be as anti-American, or more so than the old.

    And that it will be just as likely to aid terrorists against America as the old.
    And that the declining “good will of the world” due to Bush’s
    criminally negligent war, means a world much less inclined to
    help us combat the continuing terror.

    No, AJ’s high respect for the bumbler precludes his countenancing
    the bitter reality.