Sep 27 2006

Handing The Taliban Rope

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Most folks are just not looking at the Musharraf peace deals in Waziristan and the norther provinces accurately. They see the Pakistan government as dupes being tricked into harboring the Taliban. I see the Taliban being offered a chance to reform – or else. And apparently they may select “or else”. When a robber says he is reformed and only coming to dinner to visit, leaving fake jules on the mantle with a video camera secretly monitoring the stash is one way to end any duplicity once and for all. Life is a series of tests, and the Taliban have been given all they could ask for, on the promise they can behave. And we all know they cannot behave. And once they fail the test, Musharraf can round them up saying all the while “I tried, Ithey failed, but I did try to work with them”. Checkmate.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    So as a side effect the Pak’s release a bunch of prisioners and they all slide across the border and become crash dummies.

    The Canadians and Aussies argue over bragging rights as to who has the most Aces (5 kills credited).

    The Paks have fewer prisioners to feed.

    Choose your winners from this bunch.

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