Sep 27 2006

Attacks On Allen A Failure

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As I have said in many posts (here and here for example) on the smear campaign against Allen, it isn’t working at all. The latest poll at RCP has Allen comfortably ahead by 5 and just under the magical 50%. Webb should start sinking as women start to digest is comments about their military career motivation simply being a bad case of “horniness”.

Updates: Poll details here. The numbers are moving around like crazy – but I think Allen is weathering the storm because when he denies he shoots ahead massively.

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3 Responses to “Attacks On Allen A Failure”

  1. Sabato clarifies remarks, confusion spreads on Allen’s alleged use of the “n” word (UPDATE III)…

    I blogged on Monday about comments made by respected UVA professor and political analyst Larry Sabato on Hardball with Chris Matthews regarding the allegations that Senator George Allen supposedly used the “n” word back in his college days …

  2. Aitch748 says:

    It is a fine thing indeed to see scumbag tactics like this “racism” smear against Allen fail miserably.

  3. For Enforcement says:

    Dems are sensitive to racial remarks?

    They don’t seem to mind “Sheets” Byrd.