Sep 26 2006

The Allen Handwringing

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I am amazed at how conservative bloggers are giving credence to the sham attacks on Allen by the Webb campaign and Dems. Not a single poll is out showing the attacks have any credibility and there is a lesson to be learned here about VA politics. I may be naive and too much the native of Northern Virginia (born and raised here, now raising my family here) but whoever thinks these smears are working is giving Virginians little to no credit.

Northern Virginians are the most politically tuned in population in the country. Most of DC’s leadership live here (if not right across the river in MD and NW DC). So to think these charges are carrying much weight is just silly. George Allen has been Governor, Representative and Senator and so he is well known commodity here. But one thing is for sure, these allegations carry little weight compared to Webb’s sexist remarks from his college days. These are refuted charges. Webb’s problem is his own words. Now I may be wrong, but I do not hang out in the DC political chattering class. We and our neighnors and our friends live in the real world. And no one is buying these dirty trick games. I see all sorts of headlines saying Allen is in trouble. And maybe he is, but I have seen no evidence of it.

People like Larry Sabato has ruined their reputations by repeating heresay as fact. But Allen has plenty of friends from those days standing up for him, which means this looks like backstabbing rumour mongering. Which plays to Allen. Sorry to say this, but the pivot point in VA elections is Northern Virginia, home to two income houses and a sea of professional woman. Webb’s lame attempt to pull Allen into the mud with him is just not going to work. If it does then that is a sad statement on Virginians – but I doubt it will. If NoVa bails on Webb Allen will win because Webb needs NoVa to offset the conservative base outside NoVa across the rest of the state. We shall see what the polls say, but if Allen remains 3+ points ahead he will win this state easily. Right now he is +7 at RCP.

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  1. AJStrata says:

    Sorry folks, my usual bad HTML. Commenting is back on!

  2. clarice says:

    I posted my stuff on the following thread.

    This is outrageous and I think it lost Webb moderate votes if my husband’s reaction is typical.

  3. DubiousD says:

    Even if the charges against Allen were true, I don’t see how Democrats could possibly attack him with a straight face so long as Robert Byrd haunts the Senate chamber.

  4. jeanneb says:

    I think the Dems face an unanticipated backlash from these attacks on Allen. Last night on Hardball I watched as a Dem spokeswoman said “Republicans DO NOT get the benefit of the doubt on racism”. Think about that. Do you think Virginians won’t see the elitist better-than-thou veneer coming from today’s Dems? I think voters see the attack on Allen as one the Dems would aim at anyone with a southern drawl . I think they’ll sympathize with Allen in a “there but by the grace of God goes I” sense.

    There is deep resentment in the south at the libs’ stereotyping us as redneck, knuckle-dragging racists. Allen should turn the tables on them and vigorously defend Virginians and southerners from those elitist snobs who think they’re so much better than us. (I’m reminded of that wonderful ad in the last campaign where on-the-street-interviews called the Dems “elitist, volvo driving, latte drinking,” etc.).