Sep 26 2006

Oh What A Tangled Webb We Weave…

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When we set out to decieve. It seems the James Webb campaign is in serious trouble with the revelation of his sexist views as a young man regarding women in the military and their inherent leadership potential (in his case, his view they had no leadership potential). Why do I say this? Obvious coincidence. [links later if I get time]

James Webb is hammered by his own words from his college days by the Allen campaign. Low and behold a Democrat who went to school with Allen surfaces (with two other anonymous compatriots) to lay out all sorts of college era smears on Allen. Just what Webb needed! Equal slime against Allen. Except, in this case it is not Allen’s own words but that of a clearly lying person. Chris Corr, a DC talk radio host, had the author of the Salon article on and got him to make some astounding admissions. The one named source claims he had been worrying about the college day issues for months and finally came forward now because Allen might run for President! What proof did he have of this silly claim? Notes he faxed to the reporter. Shades of RatTHergate appear in the mind.

There are stories of a hunting trip which ended with a deer head in a black mans’s mail box. What confirmation did the author have? Any contemporary police reports? Any victim? None. The hunting trip in question included the snitch, Allen and one other classmate who conveniently passed away few months ago. So there is no support either way. But the reporter was able to confirm the three young men hunted on the property (belonging to the family of the deceased man). Is that proof of the smear-misters story? Hell no! Faxed notes and confirmation Allen hunted when he was at UVA.

16 of Allen’s classmates deny the charges, which include some lame claim one man’s nickname (‘The Wizard’) was given to the man by Allen because his last name was similar to a KKK leader. Except everyone knew “The Wizard” before Allen even showed up to UVA and the nickname was for getting open and catching passes.

What we have is juvenile political dirty trick supported by a biased media outlet desparate for readership. What we have is a desparate campaign for Webb floundering because of his gorss sexist comments trying to bring Allen down to his level using a well timed, college era rumour. What we have is a media generated lie which was so clumsily crafted it is an embarrassment to dirty tricksters everywhere. This was not even up to HS political campaign standards. Want to know how bad Webb is doing? Just look at what he has sunk to.

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