Sep 26 2006

The Full NIE

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While I am against leaks, it seems someone in the Intel Community has had it with the liberal-slanted leaks going to the NY Times and has provided some interesting (and apparently harmless) excerpts of the complete NIE to one of the blogosphere’s former spooks. Check out a fuller context of the NIE at In From The Cold. Judge for yourself.

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23 Responses to “The Full NIE”

  1. Seixon says:

    It appears Congresswoman Jane Harman and liberal blogger Joshua Marshall started a push to do some damage control when it became apparent that Bush was about to pull the rug out from under their tea party.

    As they say, I question the timing.

  2. Retired Spook says:

    Coming home to protect our borders from the real threat
    is not “surrender”–Bush’s guest worker program for Mexicans
    is, however.

    A-f’ing-mazing, Ken. Absolutely 180 degrees out of phase backwards. Why am I not surprised?

  3. Ken says:

    Plan on your grandchildren speaking Spanish as their first language, Spook.