Sep 24 2006

Did We Create Or Expose More Islamo-Fascism? Or, Did We Expose More CIA Abuse?

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The ‘intelligence’ community, which missed 9-11 and the WMD situation in Iraq, is out with an NIE saying terrorism is worse now than prior to 9-11. Sadly, this report indicates a real proplem within our government and it is not with the Bush plan to take on terrorism. The NIE could easily be saying we now have a clearer view of what is arrayed against us because now we are focused on terrorism. Since we missed much prior to 9-11, then I am not surprised 5 years of focused effort has brought the picture into focus. It is also obvious that we would instill a backlash by taking on Bin Laden and his ilk because the many Muslims see him as a hero after9-11.

But what is really troubling is we still have a revolt in our intelligence community which is trying to use the news media to influence our elections. The second greatest threat to our democracy is the intelligence community using intel against their political opponents. The whole FISA-NSA debate is about someone using intelligence assets to undermine a political foe. The thrust of this debate has been the President using these powers to undermine our country. But a battle takes two sides and what we have seen is the abuse of power and responsibility in the IC leaks to the NY Times, which regularly spins the information fed to them.

Did the anti-American fever go up when we attacked the Taliban? Yes it did. But to worry about the hornet nest as it is arrayed to kill us just emphasizes once again why the left cannot be trusted to lead us. There are a million excuses (as Clinton can attest) why not to go to war. It is easy to hope the threat will go away after the latest attacks. But at some point those who care will say ‘enough is enough’ and fight back. Knowning in advance to fight will create an initial burst of effort on the opposing side. The idea is to win the battle of strength and endurance.

What I want to know is where are the checks and balances so these people in sensitive positions with access to classified information cannot abue their powers? We know the President has checks to make sure he doesn’t misuse his powers, but what about these other partisans using their positions to undermine our elections?

Update: Not surprisingly, Mac Ranger agrees with me on just about every point.

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  1. AJStrata says:


    You are liberal – get over it. It doesn’t really matter what you call yourself, it is your positions that define you, the left and the right.

    And with you against Bush Reps will win big!

  2. For Enforcement says:

    Ken, how are things in France?

    you said:”AJ , realizing I am an America First righty,not a Clinton defender, loves to distract by calling me a liberal. Then addressing red herrings …. Did Strata predict the “backlash” wherein a botched Iraq War and a failure in Afghanistan if Bush shifted the troops would lead to an exponentially sharp increase in worldwide jihad membership?””

    You need to read that carefully, I know you won’t recognize it, but there is not one word of truth in it.
    How can anyone that has not one word whatsoever good to say about America consider themself an American First Righty. Ha.

    AJ couldn’t have predicted what you said because it didn’t happen. and give me your stats on “exponentially sharp increase in worldwide jihad membership?””
    What are the poll numbers and what Jihadist would be dumb enough, even if there were a survey, to say they had joined the ‘worldwide jihad membership’
    These people aren’t in the USA and they are not conducting polls over there.
    So what is your proof of an increase? Somebody said it? who? the BDS news media?

    Tell Jacque hi for us.

  3. AJStrata says:


    I would lay odds Ken doesn’t know what “exponential’ means, given the fact if this were the case Iraq would be nearly 100% against America right now!

  4. Ken says:

    Iraq is 90% against America and it is amazing from that narrow vantage how little has changed since the Saddam era. Iraq has and had ,say, in 1993, about 10% westernized “Iraq the Model” type citizens, who have been educated here and/or who relate to the West in a “modern” manner. The remainder are varying secular
    anti-Westerners (eg Baathists) and religious anti-Westerners
    (eg Sistani/Al Sadr Shias ). Of course by “anti-West” I do not
    mean chomping-at-the-bit-to-war-against-the-West, just to avoid puppet government Bush wishes them to live under.

    Most Iraqis approve of insurgent attacks against American
    troops, Strata, provided the attacks don’t endanger Iraqis.
    And you shoud be familiar with the guerilla warfare studies
    that show a minimum significant proportion of locals must actively oppose an insurgency in an occupied country, for that
    insurgency to be defeated. Iraq has nowhere near that
    percentage which is one reason why the troops are quagmired and drained.

    For Enforcement hasn’t heard about the leaked intelligence report.

  5. For Enforcement says:

    Ken, how are things there in France?

    “For Enforcement hasn’t heard about the leaked intelligence report.”
    you did of course mean to say, the ‘partial leaked intel report’, by the MSM, which is suffering with BDS, same as you.

    But Pres Bush has told them to release the remainder of it, which it is said, will paint a 180 picture.

    Ken, who is doing the survey’s over there?
    What kind of question are they asking?
    Since we no longer have a murdering dictator, have you now joined a Jihadist terror organization?

    Since we no longer have Saddam, would you prefer we restore him or live under the government we now have?

    Do you prefer the Americans to Saddam?

    Are you in favor of Iraqi’s murdering Americans?

    And you’re saying they are 90% answering in the affirmative?
    yea….. right…….

    Is it the MSM conducting these scientific polls or is it the NeoLibs?

    Give our regards to Jacque.