Sep 23 2006

Another Terrorist Leader Captured

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Dr Rusty Shackleford at My Pet Jawa (damn I love that site name) has great news on the Iraq front with the capture of the head of Ansar al Sunna, Zarqawi’s old haunt before he became the Al Qaeda lead in Iraq (and possibly combined the two terrorist organizations – my speculation). Taking down the leader of this very violent Isamo Fascist group in Iraq is a great win in Iraq and in the broader war on terror.

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2 Responses to “Another Terrorist Leader Captured”

  1. I hope they torture the hell out of this fellow as much as the democrats will allow.
    We should get some good intel oif he cracks.

    Oh by the way AJ I hate the term Islamo Facism.
    I have started reading the Koran courtesy or Cair.

    I believe it’s their religion that is the driving force. Not their belief in facism.

    Great point though.
    Be Well