Sep 22 2006

Lots Of Blog Chatter

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Not sure what to make of these posts about a possible Nuke attack in the US. I would expect to see lots and lots of increased and visible security if there were a serious threat of a multi-pronged attack. And I have heard some limited anecdotal evidence here and there of security on subways, airports, etc being beefed up. While I really hate to give credence to wild speculation and panic, I figure it is better to see for yourself and decide. The posts in question are here, here and here. Right now these sound way too alarmist. I find it hard to believe these sources have better intel or grasp of potential threats than the US Government. And I think the government would put out an all out alert on these people if they felt they needed to find them ASAP. I for one will not be changing my weekend plans given this information so far.

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  1. kathie says:

    I have been reading about this for about 10 days. Always pushed by WND, talked about on Northwest Intelligence—– a couple of other places. His picture is around, saying to be on the lookout. Bush has talked about this guy before. Almost picked him up in South America. He is vary dangerous. I wondered if all the phones bought in Texas has anything to do with a big attack. Just a thought.

  2. ivehadit says:

    I have been thinking that the Terrorists would like to strike before this election.

    It would be a big mistake on their part…

  3. patrick neid says:

    i suppose if i saw all the local muslims, looking like irish tinkers, leaving town i’d get a B&B for th weekend!


    Something to think about


    HT Gates of Vienna

    Bad karma appears to be brewing again. Iranian President MAD has issued several letters to heads of state to convert to Islam. Some interpret……