Sep 22 2006

Another Terrorist Bomb Plot Foiled

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The difference between the Clinton years and the Bush years is pretty obvious when one realizes that during the Bush years, while under constant threat of attack, our Embassies are not being bombed because we and our allies are taking terrorists seriously. Powerline has news about a foiled bombing attempt in Norway against the US and Israeli embassies. And I detect some NSA-like intelligence efforts (if not the NSA itself) in stopping this attack:

Fries said the main suspect had “expressed extreme Islamist views” and was briefly detained during this summer’s World Cup by German police, who found drawings of rockets in his car.

During a trip to Britain in June he was reported to have told his girlfriend over the telephone that he “felt that he had to act”, Fries said.

As Powerline notes, the timing of the visit to the UK overlaps when the UK bombing plot was getting serious activity. But let’s recall that this is not the first attempt to attack a US Embassy. Our Embassy in Syria came under attack recently. And the President listed embassy attacks amongst the efforts thwarted by CIA interrogations. I know the times were different, but why would we want to follow the Dems back to those days?

Update: As reader MerlinOS2 points out, it is possible blogger Seixon was ‘in the vicinity’ when events unfolded at the US Embassy in Norway. Interesting if true.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:


    Take a look at this post over at Sexion’s blog a while back

    Action at the US Embassy

    As I stepped off the tram, the driver announced that she would have to take another route because the street between the castle and the American embassy had been shut down. Here’s the scene I met moments later:

  2. Ken says:

    Okay, but on the other hand, under Bush, perhaps 500-1000
    servicepeople in Iraq have been killed or wounded by the
    “jihad” ( accepting that foreign Al Qaeda umbrella types
    comprise 10-20% of the Iraqi insurgency, but that they attack successfully somewhat more than their proportion.)

    These are unnecessary losses in an unnecessary war.

  3. MerlinOS2 says:

    For another view of the Norway situation read the stories over at New from Norway.

    They express a lot about local happenings as well as the overall european problem of how to deal with muslim integration into their societies.

  4. MerryJ1 says:

    One of the Fadhil brothers has some things to say about the Syria attack on the US Embassy. He also had some really harsh things to say about the Muslim reaction to Pope Benedict’s comments, pretty much telling the Muslim leaders (he’s a Sunni Muslim himself) to step up and prove the Pope’s comments, and the allegations of Islamic violence in general, are not true. Good read, good rant.

  5. Seixon says:

    You know, I moved to Oslo in the middle of August, and there was commotion around the US embassy on the 26th, as I reported and took pictures of, and a coworker of mine noted to me around that same time period that there was commotion around the Israeli embassy. The commotion by the Israeli embassy turned out to be a false alarm. I never did see a news report about what was going on at the US embassy.

    I guess there’s a reason why some of the only permanent police outposts in Oslo are across from the American and Israeli embassies. If one of these four guys is a Norwegian, I’ll be intrigued to know more about that person.