Sep 22 2006

The Trap Is Sprung

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If you look over what I and many conservative bloggers have been posting regarding this year’s election and how the Dems have become the party against our war on terrorism, you will see all the same themes and subjects now rolled up in Ken Mehlman’s Op Ed today defining the differences between the two parties. The Democrats will keep crashing against this brick wall as along as they are beholding to their far left, BDS driven base which has pushed the moderates out and made themselves the majority of the party. As they accomplished these feats, they made the party a permanent minority party in America. It appears the Democrats, following their far left base, have indeed decided to run on the Democrat Contract With America I proposed for them so many months back.

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  1. Right Voices says:

    Mehlmen: ‘Republicans Will Make History’…

    In stark contrast to Howard Dean’s attempt to have a plan, Mehlemen actually backs up his rebuke to the left. The difference between the two is apparent within the first sentence of this piece. The Republicans recognize that the war on terror o…