Jul 08 2005

Why We Must Fight

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I ran across this excellent commentary on why we must fight and not listen to the hollow cries from the leftward fringes. The case is solid. We fight to be free, and therefore the left is free to act the fools.

Well, after much thought and consideration, I have concluded that we need to go after the insurgents with a force that we have yet to use. We should be filling them with such a fear that their children fear us. Instead, we have been playing a cat and mouse game dealing with public relation issues. The question is no longer should we be in Iraq, but how can we morally turn a blind eye as some would suggest.

The war did not start the insurgency, but revealed its true nature. It is heartless, and could care less about anyone or anything, but its own agenda, which is to promote violence and repress free thought.

The issue of America being the police dog of the world is really ridiculous since we still have nations that won’t let their people watch or listen to what they want, kill whole groups of people because of their religion or tribe, and pick wars with other countries just to feel significant.

When American actors were talking about giving up their citizenship based on who won the presidential election they failed to see that the reason they could get away with their speeches was the American blood lost on battlefields. Of course, none of the talkers ever did real military duty, so they do not know about sacrifice. In any other country, they would have been tried for treason and imprisoned or killed. It is funny that few actually followed through with what they threatened. All talk and no action.

Please read the whole thing.

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