Sep 19 2006

Senate Figleaves Being Handed Out In Xtra Large CYA Size

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The NY Times is spinning like a whirling dervish trying to claim a compromise on codifying what is allowable in interrogations (obviously in light of Common Article 3 of the Geneva Convention which says we cannot hurt the pride or feelings of fanatical murderers hellbent on mass murder) is not actually codifying was is allowable in interrogations:

Senator John Cornyn of Texas, a Republican on the Armed Services Committee who has supported the president’s legislation, said Tuesday morning that the White House had agreed to work within the War Crimes Act to refine the obligations under Common Article 3.

“There’s agreement on the goal,” Mr. Cornyn said, “that is, that we continue to comply with our international treaty obligations and all of our domestic laws, but at the same time not tie the hands of our intelligence officials.”

Mr. Warner declined to comment on specific proposals, saying only that he had “great optimism” that an agreement could come soon.

The senators propose to provide clearer guidelines for interrogators by amending the War Crimes Act to enumerate several “grave breaches” that constitute violations of Common Article 3.

Got that? The figleaves being handed out are we are modifying the War Crimes Act and not restricting the conventions, but not to worry this will restrict the conventions…

These people are so stupid. The WH allows the NY Times to report the preposterous idea that Bush’s goal of defining what is allowable (or, in this case be defining its opposiite – what is not allowable) so they can get back to saving lives. What do the Senate idiots get? A transparent CYA to hide their image of their large posteriors in rapid retreat. As I said yesterday, if the result is clear guidelines on what Article 3 means then the President won. And he could care less whether he gets credit for it or not. Sadly for Warner, McCain annd Graham the new media is not as gullible or complacent as the antique media.

They better pass it so we can get back to loud rock and roll, cold rooms and some answers to where the next attack on America is coming from. The figleaf Senators club can strut in front of the media all day long for all I care. Just don’t expect us to be impressed with this silly charade.

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  1. Atlas Shrugs says:

    Fallacious Thinking on Geneva…

    POLITICAL CORRECTNESS NOW PRECLUDES WINNING A WAR UPDATE: Ugh……………..Strasphere reports;The NY Times is spinning like a whirling dervish trying to claim a compromise on codifying what is allowable in interrogations (obviously in light of Commo…

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    A bit of satirical takeoff on the potential impacts of all this whole issue I saw on a millblogger site I read commenting about an article in the WallStreet Opinion Journal

    Eagle1 was the poster

    To quote

    Somewhere out there the gods of law are laughing their heads off.

    Soon, in a combat theater near you, the 82nd Airborne will be dropped into combat against terrorists. Additional aircraft will drop into combat the 666th Combat Defense Attorney Brigade (the legendary C-DABS). As each trooper in the 82nd lines up a shot at a terrorist aiming at him, one set of the 666th CDAB attorneys will file a motion with the Combat Field Judge asserting that the trooper is about to violate the rights of the jihadist at whom he is aiming. The trooper’s counsel will point out the imminent danger faced by his client and will assert “self defense” – meanwhile, the jihadist is blazing away at the trooper, ignoring the temporary injunction papers being waved at him by the Combat Marshal.

    Other members of the terrorist group are gunning down members of the 666th Brigade as they try to present their business cards and establish an attorney-client relationship. Eventually the terrorists run out of ammunition only to discover that their AK-47s have not come close to being able to damage the American military as will the legal system about to invoked on their behalf by American law.

    CDAB deaths will always be high, but given the ever-increasing number of American law schools cranking out an endless stream of unnecessary attorneys looking for work, the losses will be quickly replaced.

  3. For Enforcement says:

    Merlin, and several years later the poor guy that was aiming(he never did get to fire) finally got his lawsuit settled. The terrorist sued him for putting him in mental distress, inhumane torture for aiming at him.
    The terrorist is now living in the troopers house in downtown Atlanta.

  4. Barbara says:

    You guys think you are kidding, but if we keep on the way we are going all this will happen. You know what Shakespeare said “First we kill all the lawyers”.

  5. For Enforcement says:

    Barbara, that’s the problem, we’re not kidding.

  6. Barbara says:

    Well, I despise PC., although it can be pretty humorous at times. I remember one that called a short person verrically chanllenged. Or a garbage man a sanitary engineer. The sad thing about the people who think up this nonsense is that they don’t see it as nonsense, but as fairness to all. And how about giving a prize to all participants so that there will be no losers. PC does no favors to our kids. They will have to enter the real world sometime and will be shocked at how unfair the real world really is. You know, the people who think up these things don’t live in our world. I worked many times with as a bookkkeper with social workers, pschologists, teachers etc. Very few of them have any common sense and absolutely no money sense. I find it distressing that these kind of people are now making the rules.

  7. owl says:

    “Senate Figleaves Being Handed Out In Xtra Large CYA Size”

    Made me laugh…..your label sure fits. My Yahoo home page usually has at least 2 Bushbashers running in the little news block. This was covered as Bush Revolt, Bush problem with GOP, Bush …..whatever. Then I started noticing they reallllly had to stretch it with the theme of Bush sending up compromise, Bush trying to offer new wording……etc.

    Bush = bad torturing loser. McCain = moral authority winner.

    Someone find some XtraXtra because you know it’s bad when you see Frist smile. After not being able to handle them, I swear I saw him almost crack a grin and have heard several Senators who seem to be holding up a sign that says ‘don’t look at me as being part of this crazy bunch’.

  8. For Enforcement says:

    Yea, I know what you mean about the people that make the rules.
    When you personalize something, it makes a difference.
    Let’s say somebody is buried in a box and when the air runs out, they die. You have the person that buried that person. You ask them where they are, they don’t say. So you ask where and say please. They still don’t answer. So you ask again and say pretty please. You think that’s gonna get it? Now suppose that buried person is your 3 year old child. Does that make a difference? Well, anytime anyone is in danger, it is ‘someone’s’ child.
    So should coereced interrogation be permitted?
    Is it info that will have an input or danger to someone, will it save a life or lives?
    The answer is yes.

    So the correct answer is, it depends on the results.
    PC? who cares?