Jul 08 2005

Unions Walking Away From Dems

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Ed Morrisey has an update to a story we posted on a while back. The democrat base is in a shambles with Jews seeing that dems would jettison Isreal for a promise of peace from the Islamic Fascists, the African Americans are re-discovering their faith and pride in being of faith only found outside the liberal secularist circles, and Hispanics jumping ship in droves towards Bush. Now another pillar is coming lose as unions realize their is nothing for them in voting for losers.

Here is the statement yesterday from the president of the SEIU

We can’t just elect Democratic politicians and try to take back the House and take back the Senate and think that’s going to change workers’ lives,” said Andrew Stern, president of the Service Employees International Union.

During a briefing Thursday, Stern said politics is only part of labor’s strategy. He said “electing Democrats and taking back the House or getting rid of (House Majority Leader) Tom Delay” are not enough to answer workers’ problems. “It certainly would help, but we don’t think it’s the answer,” Stern said.

And Captain Ed has it nailed as to what this means to a party I doubt can survive past 2008.

The AFL-CIO faces a major problem in this nascent insurrection. Having their bargaining power sheared by over a third will make it that much more difficult to coordinate work stoppages, turning an already difficult negotiating environment that much more treacherous. However, the Democrats must feel a panic with this threatened split. Not only will it mean less money going into sympathetic political campaigning, but it creates an opportunity for Republicans to poach further into their neighborhood. With Ken Mehlman applying pressure expertly on their stranglehold on the black vote, they cannot afford to see another constituency go wobbly now.

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