Sep 16 2006

Media Does Spur Violence

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Whether reality or fictional, the media does present certain people with tantalizing ideas they seem incapable of understanding. The Columbine massacre was a tragic copy-cat effort of a scene out of the movie The Matrix. Last week a college student followed suite and did a copy-cat of the Columbine incident. A student obsessed with a sick video game based on Columbine (who is that depraved they would make money of the tragedy of kids killing kids in school?). Now we learn of another Columbine remake in Wisconsin – at least this time it was foiled. And these are not the only echoes of Columbine we have seen since that tragic day.

So when people tell you that a movie depicting the death of our President is harmless, just point them to all the deaths that have been caused in the name of one scene from one movie. They are doing what all people out to make a buck at any cost – rationalizing why their greed is not bad.

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  1. For Enforcement says:

    It would be hard to argue with that. The Media(thru their publishing the story, even tho I feel like it was legitimate coverage) sure have caused one heck of an uproar toward the Pope and I suspect a good bit of violence will come of that. In many cases, the people are looking for the event and the way to pursue it, the media just supplies the method or directions.

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    Yes the copycat Columbine killers have done in many and done much damage, but having said that the Rapper genre has taken down many more but it is not a media sensation.

    Where I live black on black respect killings are a major contributor to crime statistics.. this is gonna be a long hard fight to break that trend.

    The worst of the problem is that too many have died as collateral damage here, including children and old ladies and gents.

    If any can think back enough years, at the most depressed time of our country as a whole, when the dustbowl and the depression were in vogue, we did not have crime and civil disruptions like we have now, so don’t try to tell me that we are in hard times that somehow can justify this concept similar to road rage. That is too much of a reach.

  3. MerlinOS2 says:

    I am not trying to minimize the impact of the Columbine immitators, I just am trying to compare and scope it relative to the headline value.

    It has seemingly replaced the “going postal” meme. For years we got the picture that postal workers were serial killers in waiting, but now we seemingly have a ceasefire in the postal area.

    How many tragedies have occurred in the Crips v Bloods agenda?

    How many drug turf hits have we witnessed?

    How many murders occurred in New Orleans pre Katrina, and why are they still continuing?

    No simple answers, just data points. But tell that to the families of the victims.

  4. Mark78 says:

    2 new investigations to look at fauly case of “Bushlied” hacks

    It’s really infuriating that those with the most to lose on this (Republicans) have such a poor effort in getting their message out.

    The Democrats are so much better at putting together soundbytes and short phrases to repeat over and over, coupled with the MSM, that they just bludgeon the public with this garbage.

    Supposedly there are two investigations that will be looking into this report again.
    That is one on a review board going over the report, or so thats what I think it is. Will they FINALLY take a serious and honest look at real findings?
    And another panel is looking into the Iraqi official who told the CIA that Saddam DID have chemical weapons, possibly a small bio program as well. A CIA leaker named Drumheller went to the press and told the exact opposite, that the Iraqi official said Saddam had NO WMD. Of course, CBS and others swallowed the “Bushlied” testimony but now this hack is being investigated.

    Why don’t we hear about any of this stuff without a serious amount of digging?

    Elected Republicans, even though they have plenty of important things to be doing, need to set the record straight via interviews on MSM and even with prominent bloggers just to ensure they stay in office. One of the main points they just keep on bending over on is almost every point of the “Bushlied” meme.

    It’s time to announce these investigations and expose the real liars.

  5. Barbara says:

    Republican politicians seem to be above it all. They think they are too good to get into the dirty business of politics. That’s why they don’t fight the dems in like manner. We are gentlemen, sir, and cannot get our hands dirty. This is why they make the base so angry. They don’t feel they have to defend either themselves or the president. and for heaven’s sake don’t ever back him up or stand behind him. They run away at the first sign of trouble.. Too long in power and too afraid for their jobs.