Sep 16 2006

Lindsay Graham Is Confused

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I watched last night as Lindsay Graham said there was no reason to clarify the Geneva Conventions because Congress had already CIRCUMVENTED the conventions by shielding US Intelligence Agents from prosecution. Since Bush is only asking Congress to DEFINE what the US understands the vague language imposes on Americans, it seems Graham and McCain and the others are playing to the media and trying to fool us simple folks. Graham is confused if he thinks his argument makes any sense. What he is saying is he and his other TV attention addicts won’t due is protect our people from international courts. He is all happy to protect America from Americans, but not from jaded international bodies like the UN and the ICC. So there we have it folks. Graham is saying we already opted out of the conventions here so there is no reason to opt out again because that would be seen as opting out…..

That kind of thinking fits in well in Congress – I am afraid to say

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  1. momdear1 says:

    Lindsay Graham is flirting with being voted out of office in the next election. South Carolinians do not like double dealing politicians. SC voted against John McCain in 2000 and for Bush. McCain has not forgiven Bush, nor SC, for his humiliating defeat in the 2000 SC primary. People who claim to know McCain say he is vain and vindictive. He has been a thorn in Bush’s side since Bush took office. Surely Graham knows this. His reason for aiding and abetting McCain to humiliate and obstruct George Bush is incomprehensible. If Graham wants to be another Fritz Hollings he should be honest enough to run as a Democrat. He would never have been elected if he had run on the Dems ticket. SC elected him thinking he would be more like Strom Thurmond since he claimed to be a Republican, and his father was State Chairman of the Republican Party in the 1980’s. It’s my understanding that Dr. Graham was elected chairman at the time Pat Robinson’s Christian Coalition took over the SC state party. After Robinson lost out in the election, most of his local supporters, who had shown up at precinct meetings for the first time and elected their slate of local party officers, disappeared and if the previous officers had not stepped in and kept their organizations alive, the SC Republican Party would have been in dire straits. However, Dr. Graham was respected and served the state party well. It appears that SC fooled into thinking Lindsay would be like his father.

    We know why McCain is kissing up to Graham. He thinks Graham will make him acceptable in the south. But Graham’s recent actions is making him unacceptable in his own state. One thing is for sure. Lindsay Graham is no Strom Thurmond. And nobody will get anywhere riding his coat tails.


  2. For Enforcement says:

    momdear1, You are correct, I was living in SC when Graham was elected and also in 2000 during the election. Graham was a supporter of McCain in that election. That’s why they have been playing footsie every since. Gang of 14, etc. Graham has supported everything McCain has supported since. As someone else pointed out in a post recently, Graham seems to be trying to impress every one with how intelligent he is. Well, I can’t testify to his intelligence, but I can say that his efforts to convince me haven’t succeeded. I have let him know that he has certainly lost my support(and I was a strong supporter). I might still vote for him against the alternative of a Democrat, but I would try for a more loyal Republican first. Whenever an elected representative surprises you with his votes, it’s time to reward him with a surprise in your vote.

  3. Barbara says:

    Graham hooked his wagon the McCain’s star years ago. He made a bad decision then and continues to make bad decisions. He is trying to take a shortcut to the top (the presidency) and shortcuts hardly ever work. When he was elected to the senate he had his whole career before him and it was a good one. He came across as folksy and down to earth, just what appeals to the average voter. He is good looking and reasonably young too. However, he has alienated the base by following in McCain’s footsteips like a little puppy dog. My opinion is that McCain will never by the republican nominee and his ego will make him take a turn in the wrong direction by running as an independent. I do not like the idea of a man with a temper like he is purported to have as President of the US. Evidently his fuse is extremely short. However, that said, if he is the republican nominee I will have to hold my nose and vote for him because the alternative is so much worse. I will never ever vote for a democrat again as long as I live. If the angel Gabriel came down from heaven and ran on the democrat ticket I would not vote for him. Not because he would be the best man but because of the baggage he would carry with him.