Sep 14 2006

Senate Dems Proud For Destroying Our Defenses Against Terrorist Attack

Remember 9-11? How could we less than a week from the 5th anniversary of the horrific day. Do we recall how stunned we were that we had let Al Qaeda kill 3000 innocent Americans, only to find we had tied a legal blindfold over our eyes so that once terrorist forces reached our shores they were protected from being detected. The Democrats cheered their attempts to kill the Patriot Act, where we treat terrorists like we do drug lords and organized crime bosses. And now they cheer the destruction of detecting terrorist activities in the US, being coordinated by masterminds overseas in hiding. Here is how the Democrats cheered their own efforts to END our monitoring of terrorists (not fixing it, ending it):

Democrats claimed a partial victory on the wiretapping issue when they won Judiciary Committee approval of another measure that could effectively ban the security agency’s eavesdropping program.

Emphasis mine. The Dems are claiming victory for themselves – and the terrorists. There are no known violations of any American’s civil rights under this program – none. And these NSA leads have led to FISA warrants, meaning the FIS Court was not disturbed for the terrorists rights. But the Dems are crowing that they are now close to tearing down our key defense. They don’t want to fix it (they can’t – there is no way to get a warrant to spy on our enemies by the military). So they are happy to just gut it all. They are so obsessed with the need to win votes they do not seem to worry at all that the only people who will be directly affected by this action is those trying to kill us. Without any tangible innocent victims, the only ones who can benefit are the ones who need to subvert our defenses to kill us.

The Democrats are cheering their efforts to expose us all to risk of attack by terrorists. This is not a platform for winning elections – thankfully. I know the Dems desparately want us to surrender to Islamo-fascism, but why are they dismantling our last line of defense?

More on the Dems bad decision making at JOM.

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  1. Terrye says:

    I don’t think this measure will succeed.