Sep 11 2006

President’s Speech – Awesome

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You can tell when President Bush believes something with all his soul, he delivers it with an intensity that is crystal clear. The President’s speech sounded the perfect note for this 5th anniversary of 9-11. Bush rightfully noted that we have not been attacked again since 9-11, and that is due to his pro-active actions in Afghanistan and, yes, Iraq. It is also due to his efforts to transform a massive, dysfunctional government into a coordinated entity with a clear mission: protect America. He acknowledged those who have given up, who opine for 9/10/01, who want to pretend there are easy ways out of this fight. He agreed with them that he too wished it was over. But he sent the tough love out: this war is not over. We learned that this summer with the foiled Airline Bomb attacks out of the UK. And we learned this week how many other attempts have been foiled.

Bush and many of us know this is a war to the death. Not the death of people, but the death of ideologies. We either protect and defend civilization, our modern way of life, our democracies and free economies, or we become slaves to Islamo Fascists. 9-11 was not WW II – it was Pearl Harbor. And just as we started WW II dealing with Hitler and later Japan, we have and will see our challenges evolving and changing as the forces aligned against us regroup and reform. The Taliban are broken in Afhanistan and Al Qaeda is crippled, but Iran and Syria and Hezbollah are rising as reinforcements. We let these replacement groups flourish and exist because we did not want to make the hard choices. We did not want to give up the Nirvanna of the 90’s. We did not want another cold war.

What we wanted is irrelevant. Islamo Fascism wants to dominate the world (and all the women in it). This battle will extend beyond Bush’s second term, as he said it would. I for one will miss the man with the bullhorn who stood on the pile of rubble that was the WTC and reminded the world that those who tore the towers down would hear from us soon. And they did. And they will. We will not go quietly under the jackboot of Al Qaeda.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:


    Somehow still the left wishes to distill all this to being a Katrina response to a reconizable threat.

    They may get by with it with their most rabid supporters, but it lacks the push to get it to the majority.

    Polls are tightening, which they always do before elections.

    I will not say we will win, I just saya it looks better.

    The only thing wrong with all this is the Katrina response has been and can provably be an over response.

  2. Terrye says:

    I checked out Hot Air and of course there was Allahpundit saying this speech was awful and it was nothing new and I thought “Neither is your bellyaching”.

    People need to stop bitching about Bush, it only confuses the issue, which is there are a bunch of fanatics out there who want to kill us.

    At least Bush faces that, if the left does not want to hear it and if the right does not think he is forceful enough about it…then perhaps they could replace the incessant complaining with politcally viable alternatives.

  3. opinionsarefree says:

    I would second what Terrye said.

  4. Retired Spook says:

    I especially liked his line about (I’m paraphrasing) “this is not a war of civilizations, it’s a war for civilization. That describes, in one sentence, exactly what the western world is faced with. When I hear a Lib say “who are we to judge that our way of life is right and theirs is wrong”, I just shake my head. I can understand how a few loony-tunes types out on the extreme Left fringe believe that, but it’s become evident that nearly the entire base of the Democrat Party believes that. Fortunately, that base is shrinking. Depending on the outcome, (and like Merlin, I’m feeling more confident, but still not sure) this November’s election could be a watershed event in the history of American politics.

  5. The Macker says:

    Thanks for the clear perspective.

    I liked:
    “It is also due to his efforts to transform a massive, dysfunctional government into a coordinated entity with a clear mission: protect America.

    And the above commenters are good as usual.

  6. Bush’s Speech On 9/11…

    Has the left have no inkling of what the radical Islamist wants? They want the west destroyed, end of sentence. They do not want to live “in peace and harmony” with those that they hate. They want us dead. Until the left understands this and comes …

  7. Ken says:

    America going under “The jackboot of Al Qaeda?” I wonder what percentage of Americans still does not suspect people who make statements of this nature of being mere GOP shills. When Al Qaeda
    gets a Wehrmacht and an SS, and a Navy,get back to me, AJ Shillstrata.

  8. pull says:

    On Ken’s Post:

    Whoever said Islamo-Fascists are just Al Qaeda? Wow.

    Let’s face the facts: we are facing a singular nation from West Africa to Southeast Asia. The Islamist in Islamist majority nations from Morocco to Indonesia.

    Sunni and Shiite… they are Islamo-Fascist and they are unified in seeking control of the planet.

    Do they hate us? I would say their death marches at all of their countries confirm that very well.

    Pretty soon here the “Islamic Bomb” of Pakistan is likely to be under the control of Islamists. What then. Will all of this denial helped anyone?

  9. Ken says:

    I agree the geopolitical layout isn’t quite as favorable as when the
    CIA overthrew Iran’s Mossadegh in 1952, and funded the overly secular, pro-Israel Shah, leading to millions more hating us in the
    Moslem world. Just maybe then we should read the polls taken throughout that part of the world you portray and act on them.

    By getting Israel off the West Bank and a fair settlement for the
    Palestinians. Then by developing our own energy sources so as not to rely on theirs. So as not to “have to” take sides in any
    internal disputes of theirs, like Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait, which
    caused us to use sacred Moslem soil to invade another, inflaming
    bin Laden and a third of the House of Saud.

    Causing you know what.

  10. The Macker says:

    ” So as not to “have to” take sides in any
    internal disputes of theirs, like Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait”-
    Reminiscent if Hitler’s invasion of Checkoslovakia.

    “By getting Israel off the West Bank and a fair settlement for the
    They want Israel gone, period.

    I guess, with us off their sacred soil, everyone would be safe. Huh?

  11. Barbara says:


    Your wording and talking points sound just like a muslim. Are you one? Have all your rants been not as a liberal, a democrat or even libertarian, but radical islam?

  12. For Enforcement says:

    Ken is what you should properly call an ‘un-informed neodem’, one that has not lived long enough to be in touch with reality.

    and in your quote:”When Al Qaeda
    gets a Wehrmacht and an SS, and a Navy,get back to me, AJ Shillstrata.”

    I see you forgot to mention Airforce, like the ones that were used at the world trade center.

    And:internal disputes of theirs, like Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait,

    So that little invasion was just an “internal” dispute.
    All righty

  13. For Enforcement says:

    Whether Ken is muslim or not is insignificant, he is one in thoughts and actions, that’s all that matters

  14. pull says:

    On Ken’s post:

    We have been fighting off the Islamist hordes for over a millenium.

    Nothing started in “1956”, that is absurd revisionism or blatant ignorance.

    Ken, you can blame Israel, or our incursion into Iran, or whatever else, but what about all of Islamist crimes against us… “us”, American, and “us” the West?

    After all, for over a millenium Islamists have been ravaging our lands and attempting to take them over.

    Like most of the battles… they were defensive in nature on our part. Like the Crusades today are often painted by Leftists and Islamists as being offensive in nature… in actuality, it was entirely defensive.

    Saudia Arabia is Arabia. Period. Everything else was stolen.

  15. pull says:

    I, for one, am sick and tired of Islamists trying to turn everything completely around… suddenly, the Crusades was offensive and not defensive for us… and the CIA and Jews, not Islamists, did 9/11… just about anything they can lie about, they do — mirroring Hitler, one of their modern most revered sages… the bigger the lie, the more they say it.

  16. Ken says:

    let’s let Conservative Jeffrey Hart explain to the uninformed here how and why Bush’s speech was NOT conservative and how it would be good for the GOP if they LOST in November.

  17. Ken says:

    Pull: You speak as if you were a European on the Continent.
    Moslems have not been fighting Americans for a millenia. Nor
    did America take part in the Crusades. If you wish to move to France and support Jean Marie Le Pen, I will help finance your move and
    throw in a few bucks for a campaign contribution.

    America’s rightful sphere of influence in the world is not synonomous with Europe’s. The fact that World War Two
    temporarily threw the geophysical apple cart out of whack is
    being remedied currrently.