Sep 11 2006

Chris Mathews Is A Hapless, Liberal Idiot

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Chris Mathews was interviewing Gov Pataki tonight as the Govenor was listing off all the construction efforts at Ground Zero. He was proudly announcing the fact that the memorial, the transportation center and the new WTC Towers were all being built and it was an indication of American spirit and resilience. And then Mathews opened his mouth and demonstrated liberal idiocy.

Mathews said he hoped the UN would move to Ground Zero, he asked Pataki if the he wanted to see the UN at the site were 3000 died in an attack on America. Mathews is totally obsessed with that useless world body that sanctioned Saddam but would not back their sanctions. That feeds the anti-Israeli sentiments of the Arab world. The same body that puts terrorist regimes as heads of human rights commissions. The same gutless body that ran from Iraq when the country needed them, but was able to pocket billions in illicit oil revenues from the thug Hussein. Only a hapless, liberal idiot would suggest the UN (which includes our sworn enemies as member nations) take up resident on land that is a memorial to the UN’s utter failures. Why would anyone suggest an organization whose member states cheered the attacks on 9-11 be provided residence on this hallowed site?

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  1. Terrye says:

    The man is stupid. These folks think Bush’s approval rating is low? I wonder what the UN’s would be.

  2. pull says:

    Personally, don’t have much to go on there, don’t know why he would suggest the UN would move there, or under what context or anything.

    Seems really ‘off the wall’ kind of comment.

    Guess, he was implying he wanted the 9/11 memorial site to be made to the UN? That is really, really bizarre.

    While the UN was founded in far leftism, I think it is the responsibility of the UN to be a policing body… one to handle situations like Iraq… and Rwanda… and Sudan… and many others. But, they are woefully inept at these things, at best… and at worst, they are a vehicle for evil.

  3. kathie says:


  4. Decision '08 says:

    9/11 Roundup…

    The President spoke tonight; if you missed it, you can read the transcript here…
    Pajamas has a solid roundup, as does Wizbang…
    AJ is none too thrilled with the suggestion of Chris Matthews for Ground Zero…
    The Ragin’ RINOs have …

  5. MerlinOS2 says:

    Don’t get me started on Crissy, the gift that keeps on giving.

  6. MerlinOS2 says:

    Chrissy expresses his/her wishes since he realizes they are bulletproof, the terrorists would never attack their best supporter.

    If only he get Keith Oberman to agree we can have a kumbyah moment of historical proportions.

    Mother Sheehan can we call you in for a judgement call, we are in need of your supreme guidance.

  7. pull says:

    I can not stand CNN. There is almost always some kind of subtle, partisan jab going on. I think the anchors hope Ted Turner is watching, to please him.

    What do we expect with someone like Ted Turner at the helm?

    Fox News may be right bent… but today, being right bent is being objective.

  8. Barbara says:

    I never watch CNN. Too biased for me. I canceled my extended cable last month (way overdue) so I don’t get Fox anymore. However the last time I watched TV was when the John Roberts hearings were on, so having extended cable was a waste of money. I would cancel cable entirely except for picture quality. I might want to see something sometime.