Sep 04 2006

Why Is The Left Obsessed With Conspiracies?

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Rick Moran has a great post out lauding those in the government and some major news media challenging the conspiracy nuts in the leftward fringes. But one thing has to be addressed: why is the left so obsessed with conspiracy theories? Why all the mistaken conclusion theories on the NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program where the NSA is NOW passing leads to the FBI and FISA where before 9-11 they didn’t – totally opposite the reporting and mythology? Why the “Bush lied” meme from Wilson and Plame, et al when world opinion clearly assumed Hussein was CONTINUING his WMD efforts after he tossed the UN inspection teams out of Iraq. Why the ridiculous theories 9-11 was a plot and no airplane actually hit the Pentagon? Why all the obsessions with subterfuge, lies and deceipts?

Simple. It is what the left would do if they were in positions of power. Everyone uses their own experiences or beliefs to develop ideas and theories to what is happening around them. It is human nature. If you cannot envision a thing then it is hard to include it in your predictions. So it is with the leftward fever swamps. They do not argue or debate on merits – they lose and know they will lose. So they envision what is possible from their own perspective: deceipts and lies! No surprise there.

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  1. Mark78 says:

    Please read this MSNBC story. Study: Terror prosecutions at pre-Sept. 11 levels
    At least read the title.
    You were saying that the left (and the willing media is ready to supply the ammunition for this garbage) is trying to get back to a Sept 10 mindset. Terrorism isn’t a big deal to worry about, we need to talk about Wal-Mart, etc.

    Well, I don’t think that article could bolster your point about the msm/dnc trying to convince people of that point any better.

  2. sammy small says:

    So what does the msnbc headline really imply? Nothing really. Give me five minutes and I can selectively pull out any statistic on any subject you want and imply the opposite of what you think. As they say, figures lie and liars figure. That’s why the msm is no longer trusted.

  3. Barbara says:

    I have thought that the democrats accuse the republicans of the things that the democrats are actually guilty of or would be if they had a chance. It is really aggravating to see the republicans be so nice and filled with honor fighting the sneaky underhanded democrat party thugs, and I am torn about this situation. I do not want to see the republicans act the way of the democrats, but they could do better by not backing down to these people so much.

  4. wickedpinto says:

    If it’s a conspiracy, it’s not your fault.

    Thats why the left loves them, then, they aren’t ever responsible.

  5. pull says:

    Answer to all of the lies given by AJ:
    “Simple. It is what the left would do if they were in positions of power. ”

    While I would note that all false accusers are ultimately hypocrites, and they have a tendancy to be guilty to a similiar crime or exact same crime as that which they falsely accuse others of being guilty of… I would also point out that this kind of “conspiracy theorist” propagandist work is nothing new in the world.

    It is surely not uncommon.

    It is a natural expression of hatred. One could keep it that simply.

    For instance, by “proving” Americans are all greedy bolsters the claim that Americans murder all of the world’s poor through their greed. The point of the whole “big picture” there being to express one’s desire to accuse ordinary Americans of murder. They want to believe ordinary, everyday Americans are guilty of murder.

    This is exactly what these people think. Many of them, anyway.

    Maybe they say it in nice way. But, all of their arguments ultimately boil down to all of us having bloody hands.

    Now, why is this? Why would an enemy of one’s self argue that one is guilty of murder? If not to justify one’s own hatred of that person?

    This is why all of the most sick societies on the planet – in recorded history – who have engaged in mass murder… have participated in these exact same types of accusatory conspiracy theories.

    Is their hate at such a fever pitch yet they are willing to put their words into actions? No, I think, for the majority, no, not yet. But, these are then things we all know.

    Now one might ask, “Why do they hate us?”

    I think that is a very good question to ask.

    I think they hate us because they are bad and we are good… and they resent being the way they are on a very deep level.

  6. Donkatsu says:

    As you mention in your post, the opponents of our current anti-jihadi strategy are often factually deprived on the NSA issue. It is, I believe, far worse than that. On almost any issue in the WOT, the dexcription given by the Democrats and the MSM is just not true or complete. NSA, Plamegate, Iraq-AQ connections, WMD, oil, whatever. I am constantly astounded when discussing (arguing) with libs that they lack a basic understanding of the facts of the issue at hand. Doesn’t matter to them, it’s all Bush’s fault.

    BDS overrides basic reporting and fact-checking, leaving the general public, those not in the Lib camp, deprived of basic understanding across a large array of contemporary issues. Just look at a typical MSM treatment of one of these matters – a generalized lack of inquisitiveness, normally the hallmark of the press, is clearly missing.

    OTOH, the Bush Administration does not make a serious effort to explain itself in a way that reaches those not interested in a professional or geographic (inside the Beltway) sort of manner.

    One more thing, there is much that can be done in energy, and if it were, we could begin the long process of cutting back the finding available to the jihadis. But it can not involve, as many Libs seem to believe possible, the use of perpetual motion machines (just listen to a Lib discussion of biodiesel or wind power). Nature is not so kind.