Aug 31 2006

Stupid Palestinian Tricks

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Did the Palestinians not hear what Nasrallah said about his decision to attack Israel? Apparently not”.

Palestinian militants fired rockets into Israel today, one day after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas repeated his public call to stop such rocket attacks because they cause more Palestinians to die during Israeli retaliation.


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  1. pull says:

    I can’t say they are stupid. Ultimately, of course, being evil is very stupid. One ends up with only shame. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t fulfill their evil desires first.

    That is what these guys are doing. You fire rockets in Israel, you live another day. Israeli fires back, they hope, killing more Palestinians who were not in the “war”. They become the martyrs. They keep their fighters.

    Israel looks bad a little more in the international news, and more fanatic fodder is given to Islamists around the world.

    It is win-win for these guys.

    This is how they think.

  2. For Enforcement says:

    Well, I have no problem saying that they are stupid. Anybody that thinks that killing anybody will make them a martyr is stuck on stupid. It is only win-win amongst non-thinking people.

  3. pull says:

    “For Enforcement”:

    Wow, what a jab. I wish I could consider them stupid. Then I could blow off their threat and would not have to give a moment’s thoughts to their strategies. I could say, “Iran is not a threat” because I could tell myself they are too stupid to win.

    If I really and truly did not care if we ultimately got crushed by the Islamists… then I could say, “They are stupid, let us not think about this.”

    The problem is I do care, and I care too much. Their strategy is wicked and devious. They stay alive, they fire into Israel, Israel fires back and it makes martyrs of all of the other Philistines.

    It is “win-win” for the terrorists because they can not lose this way. .. for the short term.

    The world, also, stands for them. They think they are too stupid to think of such devious strategies, or so they claim they think.

    It would be nice if the world woke up and realized this issue is not about land. It is not about “oppression”. It is about religion. And it is absolutely wrong. But, you guys think these guys are too stupid to pull off such things.

    None of this is new. This is what they have been doing all along. Anytime there is a remnant of peace talks or treaties, they attack.

    That is a devious strategy and it does work for them.

    That is reality. We must do one thing: face reality.

    Why would saying this make some people mad? Do they think by me calling their strategies smart I am somehow siding with them? I do not know. I would love to meet someone who hated Islamism as much as I did.

    As far as hope goes, they will all eventually lose. I have not the slightest doubt about that. Eventually. Probably after a lot more good people are dead.

  4. pull says:

    Oh and as that are some harsh words (though I received them):

    I like AJ. I like these posts. I am not judging what he means by “stupid” there, by any means. That could mean anything. I admitted, right off, in the ultimate sense they are stupid.

    My reply to “for enforcement” and others who might distort what I am saying (and I would hope that was an initial and now cleared up misunderstanding) … is simply that I strongly believe we need to start dealing with the facts of Islamism in this country and in the world.

    A lot of leftists, for instance, or even left leaning people like to say Islamists are not a threat because they are so stupid. They are so weak. They can barely handle a gun. We had to teach them about light bulbs and t0ilet paper. (Actually, only I say that last bit..)

    Point being, they say they are not a threat.

    That was yesterday. Today, these guys have western educations. They were savages before – not entirely stupid, but their options were limited due to their lack of sophistication – but today they have all the options open. They are not racially inferior. This is about evil, not about intelligence.

    Right now Iran is making a mockery of the United States and the world. Before this Iraq was doing this. Those are facts. This has been going on for twenty years. Iran was behind the hostage crisis. We have good evidence they were behind the barracks bombing and the embassy bombing in Lebanon [ref, for instance, “See No Evil”]. We have never done anything about this.

    What we have to do, in my opinion, which may be offensive, is far too much then what we are willing to do. If we looked at the facts as they were, the situation would be different. We would see we have no choice.

  5. For Enforcement says:

    Pull, I agree with you, let me re-classify my remark to say that some of their actions are stupid. I agree that the people themselves are smart and have some very bad things planned. The real reason, I feel, that many of the things they do work out so good for them are the sympathisers here in the US.
    This sentence:

    “They are not racially inferior. This is about evil, not about intelligence.” I absolutely agree with.

    As far as thinking about them and the threat they are, we’d better keep them on our mind a lot and try to stay ahead of them.

    So, okay PULL, I agree with you. good write up.

  6. pull says:

    “For Enforcement”:

    Thanks, bud. I appreciate that. I also understand how my statements could be misunderstood. Indeed, I write coldly, and it may seem that I am not as concerned about this situation… or as zealous as I really am.

    Honestly, I didn’t speak of what I see as viable options, because from what I can see all of the viable options involve… well, let me just say I do not think there is any chance whatsoever of there being peace in the Middle East nor in the world with Islamists.

    I would rather we have it all out now, then to see what they can do ten or twenty or forty years from now.

    I am a big believer in the powers of Democracy… of the rights of man… of the ability for redemption for all men. I have done a lot of anti-cult work. I have seen a lot of people change over the years. And, yeah, I see Islamism as bulletproof… a fatal cancer.

    But, hopefully, the optimists will have some kind of better solution that doesn’t end up with masses of the world population as dead. I strongly doubt it.