Aug 31 2006

Ripping Off The Taxpayer

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Working for the Federal government as contractor means staing in not so great hotels, flying coach and eating at normal restaurants because the government has strict rules on what you can expense and limits on how much. Us contractors must manage our money so that no corporate expense is frivolous or outside the norm. We have caps on profit that make the private sector laugh at us and we have salaries that make us “above average”. In my case I do that so I can work on space systems and go were humans have never been before (or have not been too often). So this story about a Postal Service Exec expensing $70 dollars of wine at dinner with his wife on the weekend, or staying in a $8,000 suite in DC has me steemed. I could lose my career over an act that is a fraction of these levels and this drunk rip off artist is still on the payroll living high on my tax dollars! He is a drunk since it appears he drink so the point of unconciousness, then has the limo drive his sorry butt home. Why can’t my wife and I go out and share a $70 bottle of wine? We might if I had fewer taxes to pay, after we paid for all our kids needs and keeping up the house. Want to know how hard it is to get deadwood off the Federal payroll? Here is your perfect example. This guy is still taking a payckeck – and possibly guzzling his wine. Correction – the guy resigned, but is still getting his back vacation pay. He should have been fired with loss of benefits.

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