Aug 30 2006

Keane Ahead In NJ Poll

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Two elements of good news are in a new poll out on the NJ senate: The first is Republican Keane is leading incumbent Menendez by four points (which given the MoE of the poll makes it a ‘statistical’ tie). Second, Keane will race ahead once he deals with the Iraq war issue or it is eclipsed by other issues, like national security against terrorist attacks here in the US.:

A portion of Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind Poll designed to test the impact of national issues on the race indicated that if the war were not a factor, Kean could be leading Menendez by 47-36 percent. As it stands, however, 43 percent of voters polled said they favor Kean to 39 percent for Menendez, a difference that matches the poll’s sampling error margin and makes the race a virtual tie.

The fact people are ready to flock to Keane is important. The fact Menendez, being the quasi incumbent is well below 40% and way behind is huge. I would put this in the leans Rep column – but I already had it there! All Keane needs to do is listen to Dick Morris and he wins.

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  1. For Enforcement says:

    Good news, listening to some in the news you’d be led to think that the Dems may have a chance in the house, but reading AJ’s assessment, I think he has the best take on the whole election and I think he’s right, terrorism is gonna be the deciding factor and the Dems don’t have a chance if it is. The more their views are known, the less chance the Dems have.