Aug 30 2006

The Nuts On The Left Are Crazy

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Mark Steyn has the unbelievable story of insane conspiracy theories eminating from those who are charged to teach our children how to deal with life:

Who is A. K. Dewdney? He’s an adjunct professor of biology at the University of Western Ontario, and he has pieced together the truth about what happened on 9/11. You may be familiar with the official version: “To account for the events of Sept. 11, 2001, the Bush White House has produced a scenario involving Arab hijackers flying large aircraft into American landmarks,” writes the eminent Ontario academic. “We, like millions of other 9/11 skeptics, have found this explanation to be inconsistent with the facts of the matter.”

Instead, he argues, a mid-air plane switch took place on three of the jets. “The passengers of one of the flights died in an aerial explosion over Shanksville, Pa.,” he writes, “and the remaining passengers (and aircraft) were disposed of in the Atlantic Ocean.” Most of us swallowed “the Bush-Cheney scenario” because we were unaware that, when two planes are less than half a kilometre apart, they appear as a single blip on the radar screen. Thus, the covert switch. Instead of crashing into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the flights were diverted by FBI agents on board to Harrisburg, Pa., where the passengers from all three planes were herded onto UA Flight 175 and flown on to Cleveland Hopkins and their deaths. By then, unmanned Predator drones had been substituted for the passenger jets and directed into their high-profile targets. The original planes and their passengers were finished off over the Atlantic.

Oh…My…God. And they let this man operate a car? As LJStrata points out, the scariest thing in this entire story is this man is a biology professor at a university. As the commercial once famously said: “This is your mind on drugs”. [H/T Hugh Hewitt]

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  1. pull says:

    Okay. I talk to people who believe these things. These are our college graduates and students today. A lot of professionals believe these things.

    As Steyn notes, “36 per cent of people polled think U.S. officials knew of or participated in 9/11.”

    That is scary. College professors? Yes, absolutely. But, also 36 percent of our population believe these kinds of things. [Not a new poll, btw… or not new results, anyway…]

    This is the reality we are facing today. Your average college student thinks “Enemy of the State” is based on true facts in a realistic scenario.

    What is perhaps even scarier is that we put up with this kind of thing so well.

    This said, I do not know how accurate this poll is. These beliefs do not seem so mainstream but mainly seem to effect minorities, left leaning college students, and the like.

    If there is room for error, I would guess – without having seen the poll – it would be in the question asked.

    Most of the major beliefs of the left are extremely nuts, however, and they surely do not base their idealism on rational thought. The only difference between many of these far leftwing paranoid nuts and paranoid schizophrenics is that they are not the only ones spouting these insanities. I am not – here – even including extremely popular delusions such as those that largely comprised the culture of the left leaning baby boomers in the 60s.

  2. For Enforcement says:

    As they say, folks, you can’t make it up. Somebody is actually believing these kind of things. As he said, and they let him drive a car and teach kids in college. And up to 36% believe it. Wow.

  3. HaroldHutchison says:

    Unfortunately, the right seems to have Ann Coulter.

  4. pull says:

    HaroldHutchison :

    “Unfortunately, the right seems to have Ann Coulter. ”

    And? I would love to see criticism of her not based on sex or looks by the Left. It doesn’t happen. The Left is not about being liberal. It is about being reactionary against reasoning and virtue.