Aug 30 2006

California’s Demise

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I read over at Captain’s Quarters about the Democrat run CA Assembly voting to establish a government run health care system, and just shook my head. My wife is from CA, that is also where my sister and her family live and I have always wanted to live there (it is beautiful). But the government is killing the state. This “news” was greeted positively by the leftwingers in San Francisco. They call it a test for the Governator, I see it as an intelligence test of the people.

On a largely party-line 43-30 vote, the Assembly approved a bill by state Sen. Sheila Kuehl, D-Santa Monica, that would eliminate private medical insurance plans and establish a statewide health insurance system that would provide coverage to all Californians. The state Senate has already approved the plan once and is expected this week to approve changes that the Assembly made to the bill.

You have to ask yourself “what are they thinking”? Do Californians really want to trust the same Democrat run government that bankrupted the state, put it into massive debt and left the infrastructure unmaintained so that it nearly went dark in power emergencies only a few short years ago? Do they want this dysfunctional, fiscally irresponsible, government to do to their health care what they did to their state? Are they crazy?

There is nothing free in life. As Ed Morrissey points out, that is a lesson the Brits and Canadians are learning under their government run systems. The horror stories are extensive and endless. But the ‘free lunch’ crowd never learn. To ask others to take care of you means to give up your freedom to decide your quality of life. Finding good insurance is hard, as is finding the right house. But to let someone else do it for you?

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  1. kathie says:

    People are willing to pay car insurance and house insurance, but they want the government to take care of their health and life. Are they crazy.

  2. pull says:

    I seriously do not believe that they are motivated by reasonable persuasion directly… that is, they are reactionaries who react to anything they find reasonable like how cockroaches react to light.

    So the real reason they want more taxes and more government is because they have sensed less government and less taxes is the reasonable course.

  3. Barbara says:

    The democrats are nothing if not slick and shifty. In my opinion they know that Arnold will veto this and they can say to the free loaders that he denied them health care. Or he will not veto this and when the state goes bankrupt they can point out that his health care system did in the state. This is a case of damned if he does and damned if he does not. This all about votes.