Aug 30 2006

Death To Israel?

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Are the nuts taking over the insane asylum on the left? President Bush is visiting Salt Lake City, Utah and there are the usual anti-war crowd types doing some protesting. But Michelle Malkin noted something much more sinister (and devastating to the Dems) – a Death To Israel protest. I was wondering why this was not getting much press, because it should. It has impacts on races all over this country – especially in Connecticutt. Sure enough, the local media is reporting this protest as if it is your every-day event. The word got out in the Jewish community days ago – but why not the ‘mainstream media’? Is this not news? Sounds like the second coming of the Third Reich.

The local Salt Lake Tribune did do a story on this and names the person heading this despicable activity, who is a Class A Flake

Salt Lake City will allow local defense attorney Robert Breeze to hold a “Death to Israel” demonstration Wednesday despite concerns from the Jewish community.

Breeze, 52, said his goal is to protest “the torture and murder inflicted on Muslims by Israel and the penetration of the U.S. media by Israeli intelligence.”

And he acknowledged some of his past protests against media coverage of the Iraq war that he held in front of the KSL studios included paid participants from the homeless shelter.

Some demonstrators Wednesday also may be paid.

“They’re called ‘vicarious protesters,’ ” he said.

When asked if he wants to see the elimination of Israel, Breeze said: “The President of Iran has an excellent idea. . . . I would like to see them move Israel to Virginia and put all the current Virginians in a concentration camp. Then we’ll see how popular Israel is [in the United States].”

Being a Virginian I welcome Mr. Breeze to come by and shoot the breeze with us folks here. Why the guy has issues with Israel and Virginia is beyond me. But his support of Ahmadinajed’s idea of wiping Israel off the face of the earth is not a joke. Welcome America to the face of the far left.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:


    Two possibilities here

    1) he is a true believer that will go to any cost

    2) he is a vicarious protest staging extreme sockpuppetry for some other money man

  2. pull says:

    What if a bunch of conservatives got together and did a protest where they had signs saying, “Kill the Saudis” or “Death to Iran”?

    What if they held aloft crosses while doing this and burned the flags of those countries? What if these same people celebrated terrorists for their cause known for going out into the streets and taking the law into their own hands by killing these people? What if they held posters of such people, wore t-shirts of them, and worshipped them like gods in their churches?

    That is what these guys do and worse when they hold these kinds of death rallies.

    Collectively, we tend to block it all out.

    People who do these kinds of things are serious. Make no mistake about it. You know they would be serious if you consider the above situation.

    We pretend to ourselves that these people are joking. That they can not possibly be so vastly different from ourselves to be like us. We are a nation who do not question that we actually built up Germany and Japan after their savage assaults on the world… and today we are hated for this. While the Soviet Union parcelled out Eastern Europe as if it were their own private Christmas presents. Instead of looking at these facts objectively… our colleges teach our all too willing young people that we are the bad guys in these situations.

    Reality is… if you study pre-war Nazi Germany or pre-Genocidal Rwanda… or anyone else who has held these types of death rallies… you can see, obviously, such people are serious… regardless of how savage their appearance.

    This is a reality everyone should grasp.