Aug 30 2006

Are Dems Anti-Religion?

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RCP has this wonderfully funny column at Slate where the left is confounded on how it could be losing support of those who have some form of religious conviction. The author gives a bit of a hint:

When Democratic Party leaders “found God in the 2004 exit polls,” as Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne Jr. likes to say, no one expected instant results. Many of the party’s early efforts to attract religious voters, after all, were scattershot and not a little awkward. No one knew quite what the “faith staffer”—a new breed of legislative aide—was supposed to do, and random-seeming insertions of Bible verses into floor speeches came off as Tourette’s syndrome for Democrats.

I’ll give the author a bit of advise – never associate the phrase “Bible verses” with “Tourrette’s syndrome” and you might not repulse people so well. The problem the author is addressing is the collapse of the Democrat image with people of faith:

The Pew Research Center’s annual poll on religion and politics, released last week, shows that while 85 percent of voters say religion is important to them, only 26 percent of Americans think the Democratic Party is “friendly” to religion. That’s down from 40 percent in the summer of 2004 and 42 percent the year before that—in other words, a 16-point plunge over three years. The author goes onto to identify some possible reasons for the collapse, but seems unwilling to face up to the big ones – the angry left hates religion.

There is the constant drumbeat that Bush, a very moderate and quiet man of religion, is out to tear down the separation of church and state in this country. This has been a constant theme from the left, without realizing or caring that many people personally relate to Bush’s brand of quiet, solid faith. So to attack him is to attack most people of faith. Many on the left believe Bush is driven to confront Islamic Fascists because of his religious zealotry – ignoring the entire 9-11 attack as a shaping moment on our President and his duty to protect us. To the rabid left, believing in God is akin to being a Nazi. Is it any wonder then that all the Bush Derangement Syndrome rantings about Bush setting up a theocracy have left the impression the left abhors people of religion?

And it is not just the attacks on Bush. Leftwing organizations do have a “jihad” (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun) against religion in this country. The ACLU is obsessed with crosses to the point you would swear the place was run by vampires. They are not too fond of the Ten Commandments either (a moral code that is shared by Christians, Muslims and Jews). And let’s not forget their endless efforts to make public prayer illegal in our free society.

And of course the big one – respecting life. People of religion have a great internal respect for life and their time here on earth. They have a sense that life is a precious gift that needs to be honored in act and deed. The debate about harvesting human beings (and yes, I can prove legally and scientifically a fetus is a human individual) for spare parts has destroyed the left in the eyes of these people. The debate on abortion given extreme personal circumstances or risks is one thing. Aborting a life to extend your own, or even worse, is as clear cut as aborting to save some money in the long run. It is a callous and selfish act that runs counter to the basic tenents of all religions – which is to give to a greater cause, to someone else, to sacrifice. The ‘what about me’ party has so many basic premises that counter the basic concepts of religion it is a wonder the Democrats used to have such high levels of support at one time. Why they lost it is obvious. Google “Bush” with “God” or “Religion” or “Theocracy and find millions of hateful and spiteful articles and posts that send a clear message. The left doesn’t tolerate people of religion. No faux PR campaign will change that.

Update: Mark Coffey has a great commentary on this article as well, with more questions as to what the Dems want – a real connection or just votes?

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    Wonder how many of the dem’s 26% supporters have as their Koran as their holy book?

    As far as the ACLU look back to their founding days to protect socialists and communists…ya know that religion is the opiate of the people meme