Jun 30 2005

America, Home of the Whimps

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It used to be “America, Home of the brave”..

But now we have news from the left it’s time to change this. Our time has gone, they left is exhausted and wants to give up. [hat tip RealClearPolitics]

James P. Pinkerton
We’re not raising kids to be war heroes

‘Americans have always held firm.” So said President George W. Bush in his Iraq-war speech on Tuesday night.

But in point of fact, Americans haven’t been holding firm in recent decades.

Did Pinkerton miss the cold war, the Gulf War, and everything since 9-11 as we did not cower in the face of a hidden terror that could hit us at any moment?? We were all heros after 9-11 for getting back to work, back on planes, back in the world.

And here is another bit of twisted logic – it’s because we had more kids to ‘throw away’ in early challenges

But there’s another factor, too: big families. In 1860, more than half the population of the U.S. was under 19. It’s a cold fact that if there are a lot of kids around the household, it’s easier to give some over to war. But the long-term trend toward smaller families has undercut this demographic “surplus.”

That’s the underlying reason Americans did not “hold firm” in Vietnam, and why they do not seem to be holding firm in Iraq. Then and now, American forces were not in danger of losing on the battlefront. But the home front was, and is, a different story.

Only someone who supports abortion on demand could see human people as simply supply and demand with little to no emotional worth or attachment.

I am not buying your vision of America, or Humanity, sir.

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