Aug 29 2006

Another Positive Sign For Bush

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Oil prices have been very high and a source of daily frustration. Having just done a bit of driving last weekened I can personally attest to the feeling you get when you see gas dip below $3.00 a gallon. This election season may see the dems die a death of a thousand cuts as the economy stays good, infliation is in check, employment is high, and the terrorists are being caught before they can down a couple of trans-atlantic planes. Not to mention the fact the Katrina anniversary is exposing and emphasizing the total incompetence of Nagin and Blanco while vast areas of New Orleans remain waste land and one year later Nagin still has no plan to rebuild (more here on Nagin’s troubles). Now comes the 9-11 memorial period, where we will all remember what happened that day and what did not happen since then on American soil.

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