Jun 30 2005

Plame Game

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The news that the MSM is going to buckle (rightfully) in handing over thier notes and information regarding the Valerie Plame non-outing is good news. The MSM cooked up this non-controversy to try and create headaches for the Bush administration, and called for an investigation. The fact they would not participate in clearing this up is evidence, to me, that the issue was fabricated. If it was so important to find the criminal who supposedly leaked Plame’s employer, then the MSM is not bound by source protection guidelines to hold back in case of a crime.

What I predict is going to come out of all this is based on a lifetime around CIA families. I grew up less than a mile from CIA headquarters. What we are going to learn is Plame had been out of the covert business for some time. That lots of people had learned over the years she was a CIA employee. Her husband’s role as an Ambassador meant they plied the elite circles of power (pols and media) and slowly, over the years, her position became an open secret. It happens all the time. All of us who grew up in this kind of environment knew who was in intelligence because of hints or leaks or whatever. It’s obvious from the first hesitation or diflection of discussing of details when a person is working on top secret programs.

Novak runs in these circles, and has for years. He would not need a source in the administration to know what she did. He only needed a source to tell him the role she played in getting her husband in a position to make things up about Niger plutonium so he could launch a PR campaign against Bush and the war in Iraq. This is also nothing new since all his claims have been discredited, now only believed by the fanatical liberals who will believe anything against Bush – like the US actually was responsible for the Twin Towers coming down. Just because they are elites with lots of money and power doesn’t make them geniuses. Another thing you learn growing up in the midst of the DC power players.

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