Aug 28 2006

Dems Keeping Lid On Impeachment Talk

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There is a lot of talk about impeaching Bush next year if Democrats take over Congress, and nearly all of it is being ignored by the major media outlets. So which is it – is there a massive movement out there to impeach Bush for taking on terrorism? Or is the Democrat and liberal media correct not to mention this crazy talk as ‘news’? Impeachment vs National Security in 2006. Remember, over 50% of Lamont supporters in the primary wanted Bush impeached – so this should be news.

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4 Responses to “Dems Keeping Lid On Impeachment Talk”

  1. pull says:

    I am waiting for the far left core of the Democratic party to start hitting on their religious beliefs in public. Which is that they are anti-God and anti-Christian. And, anti-Jewish for that matter.

    I have been waiting for that for a long time.

    Make Daily Kos and crew mainstream and these guys don’t have a chance. The party will be dead once that conversation gets started.

  2. dgf says:

    Where is the “lotta talk”? Not so much talk, I think. Two groups who talk about it a bit are those on the far left and those on the far right, and I expect that it is those that are on the right who approach the subject with a more pronounced degree of anticipation or glee.

    I think most Democrats (moderates, liberals, and even a fair portion of the “progressives”) see (at least) two fundamental problems with impeachment. One – with a body-politic so polarized as it now is, the impeachment and trial of Bush would tend to be distractive and counter-productive to advancing Democratic political goals, and for this reason (for example) is contrary to the best interest of the Nation. There are higher priorities, especially given the parlous state which the current administration’s policies have landed us in.

    Second, as a practical matter impeaching and actually removing Bush from office would be rather like turning Charlie McCarthy over to the woodwright’s lathe. That is, it does nothing about Edgar Bergen, and hence has a rather small actual potential upside. There just ain’t alot of profit in elevating the Prince of Darkness into its King.


  3. ordi says:

    Me thinks the Dems think that if the Voter thinks they will impeach GW it will ruin their chances for winning this Nov. I guess they should not have let their ass over load their mouths. Now they are attempting to walk their asses back. LOL

  4. MerlinOS2 says:

    Even if the Dems were to gain enough seats to invoke impeachment, they would never have enough votes to get a conviction.

    But even if you granted that extreme possibility, at worst case it would maybe shorten GW’s term by 4 to 6 months at best due to the time it would take.

    However it would activate the right so much that any dems coming up for election in 08, House Senate or Presidential would be walking into a multiblade buzzsaw.

    Even Karl Rove at his best could not motivate the right like an impeachment would.

    For the dems to get upside from this they would have to be able to show that OBL has been hiding out in the Lincoln Bedroom!