Aug 28 2006

More 9-11 Reminders

Man, that London Airline Plot really got people nervous as we see in another flight diversion due to a bomb scare. I flew that day so I guess was inocculated to some degree, but we hear of scares now once or twice a week since the plot to down 9 airlines was exposed. The Ned Lamont’s on the left are going to really suffer if this nervousness continues. The Democrats are going to have to explain why it is more dangerous to listen in on terrorists and pass leads of potential contacts here in the US to the FBI than to have the NSA listening at all. The people are not going to buy the idea the NSA listening in is more dangerous than a terrorist with a bomb on a plane (because the left dismantled our defenses). And how many people want to release our pressure on Al Qaeda in Iraq only to have them come after us here in the US in large nummbers? The Democrats gambled everything on Bush keeping us safe so they could demagogue him on over reaching on national security. And they lost that gamble.More here and here on the airplane in question.

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  1. roylofquist says:

    Methinks that the Israel-Lebanon conflict has had a greater impact than the London bomb scare. To the same effect, of course.