Aug 28 2006

Leiberman Up 10 Points, Nears 50%

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As I posted before I think Leiberman is staying well ahead of Lamont (see here and here). The latest poll out is from WSJ-Zogby (which I detest as a poll) shows Leiberman ahead by ten points at 49.4-39.4% (2.1% for Schlessinger). This is consistent with the other polls out so far and show a very tough road ahead for Lamont. Leiberman keeps flirting with the 50% mark which is just a killer level in a three way race. Lamont has had his 15 minutes and his call to run away from Iraq is the deathknell for him. Sadly for the left, they are in no mood to see the writing on the wall, so it seems they will be heading off this cliff at full speed.

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  1. granitroc says:

    AJ, you said, “…Sadly for the left, they are in no mood to see the writing on the wall, so it seems they will be heading off this cliff at full speed.” As the left lives solely in the democrat party and that party is largely bereft of moderates, you might have said, sadly for the democrats…

    I’m not so sad, at least while these people don’t have the levers of power and American’s continue to exhibit common sense about who best provides them protection against the terrorists. In a way, I agree with Carville, if the democrats can’t win in November, they will really have to rethink what their party stands for.

    While I believe in a two party system, I think the democrat alternative may have run its course and has become the modern day Whig party. It certainly has become a party of naysayers captured by the most extreme elements of society. Its only reason for existence is to obtain and hold power.

    The only hope for the democrat party is to remake itself with an infusion of younger, more moderate members. The old guard extremists are killing this party. I don’t know if it is salvageable.

  2. Lieberman ahead 10 points in latest poll…

    AJ Strata posts the details.
    It’s looking like a tough road ahead for Lamont and the Nutroots.
    Darn it.


  3. trentk269 says:

    I used to think that Howard Dean was a godsend to the Republicans and a curse to his own party. Now I think that the Kos Kids just one-upped him.

  4. Terrye says:

    I saw someone ask Lieberman if he thought Lamont was right in that he was hurting the Democrats by running Independent. He laughed and said “I guess I could say they should have thought of that.” Spunky little bastard.