Aug 25 2006

Liberal Whiners

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The poor, pathetic young man at the end of Sen Allen’s Maccac jibe is still crying days later – milking his 15 minutes of fame for all its worth. And explaining a lot about how democrats and liberals plan to stand up to Al Qaeda, Iran and Hezbollah. Clearly the left’s response to threats is to run and cry about how unfair it all is. James Webb, leader of the Whinging Party. The Whigs may be gone, but here comes the Whinge Party (whinging is ‘whining’ in the UK). My advice to the big pouter is to stop worrying about what people say about you and grow a spine.

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  1. carol johnson says:

    The word whimps come to mind! Geez these people are sickening.


  2. clarice says:

    How would the WaPo survive the summer doldrums with the editors away at Martha’s Vineyard without macaca?

  3. pull says:

    Dissenting opinion:

    Here is an example of an honest, reasonable, and true statement that was made which the Left unreasonably whined about:

    This example, where the guy uses a crude racial slur against a brainwashed kid is not an example of a true accusation based on solid evidence. It waters down all of the true accusations and hard statements we have to make and justifies the Left’s lies.

    I don’t like it.

    I don’t care about “Republican” and “Democrat”. I care about truth and lies, good and evil. It just so happens “Republican” is where most of the truth is, and Democrat is where it isn’t today. That can change, and I don’t want that to change.

    That is crossing the line into Leftist tactics. We depend on reason, they don’t. We depend on truth, they depend on lies. We depend on true accusations, they depend on slander. You cross that line, you cross that line.

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  6. Mark78 says:

    AJ, I think you will want to hear this interview…

    Top Clinton aide: “HARMONY docs will connect the dots on Saddam’s links to terrorism”
    audio interview at link