Aug 25 2006

Gone For The Weekend

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Folks, I am finally getting some much needed time with the family so I will not be posting (going camping!). That means I will not be here to moderate comments that get stuck in the moderation queue (which will happen to new users and those posting with links in the comment fields, and some key words). My apologies, but this is my one small shot at a vacation this summer – had to abort all the other chances.

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  1. carol johnson says:

    Go for it, AJ! I’m going fly fishing, myself, up to the Great White North, eh. LOL…hope I don’t get hosed like the last trip…no fish! However, taking my camera and putting it to good use is always fun. Of course the last time we were up there the leaves were at their fall peak color and it was beauoootiful!

    Have fun…see ya when you get back.


  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    Enjoy your trip AJ

    Just a little recap for when ya get back

    Armitage has been outed, Fritzy is considering a sacrifice bunt

    Pluto was demoted as a planet, Dems deny this is a warning shot over the bow for Joementum.

    Reuter’s caught in more photographic “issues”

    Fox News Reporters released

    Emmy’s finally note their is this little ole show called 24, only took em 5 years

    Christopher Hitchens presents the fickle finger of fate award