Aug 25 2006

Dems Losing Edge Rapidly

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The Democrats’ edge with the electorate is disappearing rapidly, and may be gone. One look at the RCP poll summary today tells it all:

CBS News/NY Times – 1206 Adults – Dems +15.0
USA Today/Gallup – 1001 Adults – Dems +2.0
CNN/Opinion Research – 1033 Adults – Dems +9.0
Hotline/FD – 425 LV – Tie
Rasmussen – 960 LV – Dems +8.0

The two big outliers (CNN and CBS) are simply polls of ‘adults’. This category of society is the (a) easiest swayed by the antique media because they do not follow politics at all and (b) do not vote because they could care less what happens in politics. The surprise is the Gallup poll of adults. If you ignore the two outliers we see Dems +2, tie, and +8 for an average of +3. If you want to look at only Likely Voters it is +4. Either way the double digit leads we have seen for Democrats has disappeared, at the same time we see numerous Rep Senate races turning as well. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to connect these dots.

The constant bashing of the anti-terrorism efforts of this administration by the left was always a risky gambit, and it fell apart the day millions of Americans had to fly while the UK Airline Plot was being broadcast and new security restrictions were put in place. All the theoretical BS about potential 4th amendment violations went out the window when people realized we really, really want to know if Al Qaeda is contacting someone here in the US.

And I think more and more people are going to really shun the left when they realize NSA leads have been going to the FIS Court for surveillance. Heck, the NY Times reported on how much workload the leads put on the FBI when Bush tore down the Gorelick Wall! see here, past the updates in the front of the post for snippets of the NY Times reporting on this. So what is the NY Times going to say when the nation learns they exposed how the NSA tips off the FBI who then investigate the leads and takes them to the FISA Court?? More importantly, what will all those Democrats say to their constituents explaining how they allowed this to happen.

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