Aug 24 2006

UK Charity Linked To Terror Plot

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Some dots are just not that hard to connect, if the liberals would allow government’s to see the dots.

An Islamic charity’s bank accounts were frozen over the alleged abuse of funds for terrorist purposes.

Crescent Relief, set up by Abdul Rauf – whose son Rashid is being held in Pakistan over his alleged key role in the airliner bomb plot – is being formally investigated.

The Charity Commission has frozen all its assets after claims that money may have been raised and used to fund terrorist activities.

Kenneth Dibble, director of legal and charity services, said: “We are working with law enforcement agencies to get to the bottom of allegations of possible terrorist abuse of Crescent Relief funds.

If this statement happened here in the US the ACLU and NY Times and Ned Lamont would all be running to court to protect the ‘charity’ from a simple investigation. The nerve of the UK security groups.

On a totally different story 4 people were indicted in Denmark for terror activities there. Seems Europe is definitely at risk right now. Here is another story from the UK, and yet another. And another one related to Germany.

Someone should ask Lamont, Pelosi and Murtha if it is time for the US to redeploy out of Europe to a nearby base of operations – in America.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    Hey I can hear the news, the terrorists are upset with Bush, after all he is the president of Denmark right?

    Maybe it was Bali.


  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    OT but noted, France is now saying 15,000 troops are tooooo many.

    What was the agreement????

    Now ya see em now ya don’t

    Melts in their hand, not in yer mouth.