Jun 28 2005

Leftward, Over The Cliff

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What in the world is driving liberals into the political abyss? They see poll turning on them 20-80 on issues such as GITMO compared to a Nazi-like Gulag. The liberal MSM is seen as unsupportive (which means detrimental) to our troops – which is the kiss of political death while these people our out in the world protecting us by sacrificing themselves. And they continue on this same course.

Today some inexperienced, nobody comes out and clearly hammers the military on Iraq! Check out this fanciful commentary in today’s Washington Post.

Who “lost” Iraq? With blame for the unhappy course of events since U.S. forces occupied Baghdad in April 2003 routinely heaped on civilian officials, the military itself has gotten a pass.

Earth to Andy!! We won the war and are winning the peace. Here are some signs you might have missed. Saddam’s brutal and violent regime is no longer in power. There new mass graves and we will not have to see pictures of whole villages gassed out of existence with babies in the arms of their mothers lying dead in the street. Personally, I would like to know what qualifies you to (a) accomplish this result yourself and (b) to know enough to make any criticism of the military.

Aren’t we lucky! The Post as a little bio-blurb on you.

The writer teaches international relations at Boston University. He is the author of “The New American Militarism: How Americans Are Seduced by War.”

Ah, it is clear now. You are an ingorant writer trying to gin up sales of your screed, ….er book. How nice of the Washington Post to give you free advertising ( I gather they are actually paying you). And who says the media is not liberally biased.

What I want to know is when will liberal democrats stop harping on all their political losses and stop trying to blame everyone else for them? The reputation of liberalism is already in tatters, why continue to bash yourselves against that wall of your own making? Liberal predictions/commentary on Iraq have been disasterous. From the start they have been looking for the debacle of a military failure, tens of thousands of American body bags and the second coming of the Vietnam quagmire! Andwhen these cannot be found they create them in myths and conspiracy theories.

Pop quiz for the liberals: what do all these issues have in common?

  • Iraq (from making the case to today)
  • 2004 Presidential Election in Ohio
  • Swiftboat Veterans
  • Tax cuts
  • 2002 Senate Election in Georgia
  • No Child left Behind
  • What Bush knew/did before, during and after 9-11 (answer: realized we were in danger and began a plan to address the Taliban, red a book to children, determined we were at war)
  • 2000 Presidential Election in Florida
  • GITMO torture/Koran abuse
  • These are all the political faliures liberals cannot seem to get over. On each issue they failed to sway Americans to their point of view. But in response to this failure have tried to find conspiracies illegalities in some twisted attempt to shield themselves from reality. The reality they lost the debate.

    I want everyone to watch the last item. This was their most recent and spectacular failure since they found themselves isolated from the rest of America on GITMO. Expect these failure-obsessed liberals to come out with more angles on why they were right and we all were wrong. They apparently can’t help themselves.


    Seems this is the topic of the day:

    Brendan Miniter at WSJ chimes in.
    Mort Kondracke thinks all this may gain traction and hurt our efforts – I’m not convinced it hurts anyone but the dems.
    Ed Morrissey covers the ‘enlightment’ of some democrat senators after visiting GITMO which should mean they now learned their lesson. I still predict they will return to this meme.
    This Liberal MSM hyperventilating is definitely a hot topic, because they evidently have been doing a lot of it lately, as Michelle Malkin found in this round up. The liberal MSM may be the one’s leading the democrats over the cliff. As long as they keep reporting BS and the pols believe it this silly cycle could go on for sometime.

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