Aug 22 2006

From The Duh! Files

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Reports out today Iran won’t give up their nukes. Duh! Who was naive enough to think they would? In fact, who was naive enough to think all the waffling and attempts at appeasement by the UN and EU did anything but convince Iran they had nothing to worry about from the impotent West? This one deserves a double-Duh!

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    A repeat of 1938…ominous of what’s to come in few short years.

  2. Barbara says:

    Iran learned a lesson from Saddam. Delay…delay…delay and use that time to perfect their nuclear options while the impotent UN ponticated in their useless ineffectual way. Can anyone blieve that the UN is relevant or ever has been? Get the US our of the UN and the UN out of the US. We could probably balance our budget.

  3. Barbara says:

    This off topic, but I saw today that Amnesty International is now accusing Isreal of war crimes. Why do these people get media time? Never mind…..

  4. For Enforcement says:

    Amnesty International IS a war crime

  5. Carol_Herman says:

    The ZOMBIE is the religion, itself. Not the nuke programs. Because? In Iran there’s been nuke development going on for 30 years. And, eventually, all countries will need nuke power just to exist. It’s better than fossil fuels. And, promises substitute energies. But THIS IS ANOTHER STORY.

    Here, the real threat is the Islamification of nations, through BIRTH RATES. As if just being born in a country, gives UNASYMILATED TYPES access to citizenship through birth certificates.

    This wasn’t such a threat in days before air planes. It wasn’t so easy to get here. Plop a kid out. And, fly back home with a certificate in hand. Ditto, for Mexicans who birth their children, here, but have no intention to develop an interest in anything American. They just want to STEAL benefits.

    It’s also what’s behind the idea, in Israel, to dump the West Bank. Full of those birting muzzies; who see a way around their losses, by out-birthing everybody.

    At one time poor people lived in slums. They were certainly more numerous that any aristocracy. But, using the european model, as an example. The peasants never got near any of the levers of power. Not in government. And, not in the church. Not even in the military.

    We’ve changed the rules. Without thinking about consequences.

    Israel’s idea is to establish “countries,” where these ZOMBIES can live “in a separate state.” But it’s not sophisticated enough.

    So, it’s not IF iran gets to have nukes. They don’t have a population, yet, exposed to education. Just extreme ZOMBIE-ISM. Which, among locals, IS NOT POPULAR.

    How to deal with this?

    Well? If you want to get rid of kaka, you build sewers.

    If you want to keep the hands of ZOMBIES off of your levers of power, you could use EDUCATION. And, localization. As resource tools. In other words, you just don’t hand out “rights” … you localize (and cement behind barriers, the concrete toilets.)

    Just as you understand that the UN is useless. And, it looks as if the russians are grabbing at power! We need them? NOT.

    But we have a President who is tongue tied. I think this will be corrected in 2008. Not that I know who will get the Presidential nod. But, again, ONE PARTY THAT SEES THE PROBLEM, can grow a large tent. While the other houses the garbage.

    Better this, than no place to put garbage. Sort’a like reservations for injuns. Let them open gambling casinos. Or standing-room-only mosques. But don’t take good land. And, turn it into swamp land.

    As to what needs to be done to iran? Me thinks, it’s about internal collapse. Ditto, syria. Since Olmert decided Israel wasn’t going to touch that decaying beast with a ten foot pole. Just to make the saudis happy.