Jun 28 2005

Ten Commandments

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Sorry for the lite blogging this week. Three days of meetings to work around. So these will be pithy and lite on links as well.

The US SC court’s decision on the ten commandments may seem confusing to the purists who wanted it one way or the other for all time -but it makes sense to me. From what I am reading/hearing in the interpretations in the news media and the blogs the commandments can be displayed has the historical basis of our laws, but not as promotion of faith. Is that line clear? It can be if someone wants to make sure it is clear why they are being displayed.

And what is important is they are displayed, as a reminder of how long mankind has known some simple truths about achieving the good life. One thing I think both athiests and the orthodox miss is these laws are guidance as well as warning. We were given the gift of choice by whatever higher being or power you believe in (including Mother Nature). If that power wanted us to be good we would be programmed to be good little robots. problem is, without choice there is no growth, no evolving, no learning and in reality no fun.

So given the gift of choice we find signs, subtle and not so subtle, of what are good and bad choices, choices to lead to a successful, fulfilled life or one of waste and ruin.

So we need to be reminded of the sign posts we have already found and agreed upon. And I am sure people will be able to figure out how to display them without promoting one religion or pushing the choice to be religious (i.e., subscribe to a religion). The question is, are we pushing the idea of being spiritual??

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  1. Decision '08 says:

    Quicks Shots: Establishing Positions

    Our good friend Fargus thinks the Supremes got the Ten Commandment decisions just right…

    AJStrata seems find with the SCOTUS decisions, as well…

    Ditto Mark Daniels…

  2. MommyCool says:

    The Supreme Court decided a Texas monument displaying the Ten Commandments on public grounds should stay. The Ten Commandments are historical and a lasting part of literature (isn’t the Bible the world’s all-time best-selling book?) and they provide an excellent guide to living. MommyCool is disappointed with the continual efforts of some to edit the uplifting.