Jun 27 2005

John Cole is Sick

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Or so he says

I am sick of the state of American politics right now.

You mean the style of gotcha, smack down politics Bill Clinton brought into the mainstream with Begala and Carville? The politics of demeaning your opposition practiced by the DNC Chairs, now in the form of Howard Dean?

Would you like to see more outreach and one on one discussiuons as exemplified by Mark Melman’s weekly sojourn into Black Churches to spread the conservative message? Would you like to see more involvement by selfless, loving people of fatih through programs like those in the faith based initiative? Would you like to see bi-partisanship as with the No Child Left Behind act and the Bush tax cuts???

I am sick of the state of American politics right now.

Translation: your sick of being on the losing side of the debate?

I am sick of everyone distorting everyone elses positions.

Hard to get the Carville paste back in the tube, isn’t it? The left should have realized how much it cost America when they said things like “dragging a dollar bill through a trailor park”. Was Clinton’s second term worth all this? The impeachment was over the top, the PR campaign from the left was below muck-raking.

I am sick of the knee-jerk Bush apologists and the knee-jerk Bush attackers.

Translation: yes, sick of being on the losing side of the debate

am sick of people calling people pussies because they think chaining someone to the floor and forcing them to lie in shit for 24 hours is over the line.

Translation: we cannot be allowed to push terrorists too hard, even if it costs someone a family member.

I am sick of the Supreme Court consistently ruling against the individual.

Liberal judges have a tendency to do that.

I am sick of Congress passing inane and pointless laws

I’ll second that.

I am sick of the disgusting spending.

Liberals have a tendency to do that

I am sick of the assholes in my party who think they have an absolute and perfect view of truth and morality.

Both parties are full of them, which is why I am a proud indepdent.

I am sick of the fact that Sean Hannity and his ilk represent the core values of the Republican party.

They don’t. They are just the currently most popular. The core values of the party are represented in the people of this country. That’s what sets conservatives apart from liberals. Liberals believe the core values need to be taught to the masses by them.

I am sick of the over-the-top hyperbole from political hacks and politicans, whose real priority is not the country, but the health of their political party.

Are we back on Dean, Durbin, Kennedy, Carville, and Begala again?

I am sick and tired of it all. The Republicans, the Democrats, they can all go to hell. If I could do it over, I would vote for a Nader/Buchanan ticket to just to piss both parties off.

I thought you were sick of non-serious, immature political stunts?

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