Aug 18 2006

National Security Verses Impeaching Bush

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I was reading this interesting post at RCP and realized it was confirming something I felt for some time. The table is being set for the fall elections and I think it will be a very needed debate. Our nation is at war inside and out. Al Qaeda and their Islamo Fascist comrades are attempting to highjack the Muslim world and build an army of terrorists to destroy the Western world. This is their stated goal and they have proven since 9-11 their intent from London to Madrid to Jordan and Egypt to Bombay and to Bali.

But inside our country there is another war. The war of the unhinged liberal minority which cannot live in a world that does not conform to their views. Since Republicans took control of the Federal Government (and before that with Reagan’s revolution) the liberal left has been vilifying all who disagree with them and their ideals. The Durbin claim that our military was akin to the Nazis and Pol Pot when discussing GITMO was one in a long line of crass and unnecessary comments. The decades of this sewer politics has come to a head with people on the left now so obsessed with the liberal war on conservatism they cheer the dismantling of our anti-terrorism efforts and see evil conspiracies even in the thwarting of the UK bombing plot last week.

The left has decided the war on Bush, which will culminate in Impeachment hearings once they win over Congress, is more important than any little terrorist concerns. And now America can decide which path to go down. Will we face down the Islamo Fascists or will we devolve into attacking ourselves? It will be National Security verses Impeaching Bush. It is the dicussion the far left has been wanting and the one they naively think will win the day. So let’s have the debate. And when the left loses we will find out if they can adjust to their rejected status or not. It may be the case they remain incapable of adjusting, since they have not been able to for 20+ years.

Addendum: And clearly the bizzare ruling from the activist judge in Detroit (after numerous other courts have held opposite views) will be the backdrop throughout this election cycle as the Bush administration has to fight liberals in the court instead of fighting terrorists coming to our shores. The process started by the ACLU will thankfully play out in the headlines and news programs through the next few months. And as it does, I hope the news media will give fair voice to the unhinged left who see the NSA program as an impeachable offense. Let’s have this debate and in the open with the nutroots on full display to America. It is their 15 minutes of fame coming up. Let’s get this over with. (more impeachment craziness here

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  1. lurker9876 says:

    Let’s hope Ken Mehlman and Karl Rove have been gearing up plans to offset these dems / KOS plans by issuing point for point why their sell will not work.

    If the dems’ sell is “If we don’t think Bush made the country safe(r), vote for change.”, make sure to ask them to spell out the specific changes and you’ll find that they won’t be able to tell us their specific change(s).

  2. trentk269 says:

    The American left is its own worst enemy; each time they succed, they lose. They lose because their policies are unworkable and unrealistic, because they loath themselves and their country, but most of all because they hate freedom and success and it shows.

    The NSA suveillance has about as much chance of being overturned as Osama Bin Laden has of getting elected to the White House. This court order is going to turn out to be unenforceable, and if the ACLU and its ilk keep manipulating the system in this fashion, it could lead to a period of “judicial irrelevance” that this country has not seen since the Civil War.

    The bad timing of this for the Dems is obvious- how could the liberal left pull the rug out from under its own like this? The answer is simple: they have zero understanding of the public, security, politics, the law, and the principles that their own nation was founded upon. As you already mentioned, the relationship this has to Muslim terrorist plots like Skybomb will only become clearer as we approach election time.

  3. MerlinOS2 says:

    Some left wing sites are now posting coments about how much the right was against Liberman in his vp run with Gore.

    They seem to think this will show us doing a flip flop on Joe.

    However their research is in fact burying their Lame mount toy, because they don’t realize that with all that they show of right dislike for Joe, the current polls show they prefer Lamont even less.

    Wish to thank those pundits for doing our work for us and being too nedrenelined to realize it.

  4. MerlinOS2 says:

    News Flash

    In furthur developments, astronomers are considering a new definition of what a planet is, which could impact the number of planets in our solar system.

    Democrats are complaining that this is just another example of a Rove/Delay illegal redistricting plan!

    Film at 11

  5. patrick neid says:


    “You may recognize the name of the judge which ignored the law, as the same judge that just ruled that the NSA’s wiretapping is “illegal”. The cases involved white students objecting to minority students with lesser qualifications, being admitted to the two institutions, while they were rejected. Taylor happens to be married to University of Michigan Regent S. Martin Taylor, a defendant in both suits.”

    as i said yesterday on another site……even a casual reading of her 43 page decision would lead a second year law student to conclude it will be overturned on appeal. so why write it? because the election will have come and gone by the time it is overturned. meanwhile the public will be beat over the head with the current ruling. john conyers–surprise, surprise is also from the detroit area. his hope, with a dem victory in november, is to immediately start impeachment proceedings. this decision will be part of his opening statement. i will bet dollars to donuts that this “judge shopping” by the aclu was done with a “wink and a nod” from the conyers office.

    after the damage is done the case will be overturned.

    “Lies come first, and drag along the gullible. Truth limps in long afterward on the arm of time.” – Balthazar Gracian

  6. Carter Lackey Overturns Program That Protects This Country…

    But this is what we get. A biased Carter lackey doing the bidding of the left. Amazing.
    But in the end it’s the liberals and the leftwing looking out for the interests of those who want us dead. They care little that we are indeed in a war for…

  7. carol johnson says:

    …is EXACTLY what I’m sayin’ !!! Only, you say it so much prettier, AJ. Thanks!

    Patrick – I read your comment on the other blog and totally agree with it. Thanks for posting it here. Just because this ruling appears like a loser to us and will definately be overturned, I don’t think that figures into what the Dems want from it at all. So far, even with all their obvious lies (i.e. Saddam had no WMDs, there were no connections between Iraq and Osama bin Laden, all the Swiftboat vets were liars, Bush stole the 2000 and 2004 elections, we went to war for oil, Bush got his father to get him preferential treatment from the Texas National Guard, Bush is a mass murderer who ordered the death of 3,000 Americans on 9/11, Bush is a war criminal…etc., etc., ad nauseum) they still push their poison in both the press and the courts to the end. As long as they feel they can count on public perception to do their dirty work without themselves having to get dirty, they’re all for it! They are such cowards that they recoil indignantly at any suggestion that we “actually” withdraw troops and what that means to both the country and the world! Every opportunity that they’ve actually had with respect to voting us out of the war in Iraq has ended in miserable failure for them. Yet when their patriotism is questioned they scream bloody murder. Not to mention the wholesale slaughter of Iraqis that would come after. They have done this before. Remembering another war where they preached “peace with honor” all the time realizing there was no such thing as far as they were concerned. Sorry about the long comment.

    The final point I was trying to make is that this is just the latest in a long and twisted line of “tactics” and if they succeed, it will be 1975 all over again! Only MUCH, MUCH worse!!!


  8. Terrye says:

    This should be a reminder to Republicans not to sit home in November. Bush may not always say how high every time you say jump, but he ain’t Jimmy Carter.

    And I will not be able to turn on the news for two years if the Democrats win. One impeachment hearing was enough for me.

  9. Barbara says:

    Congress needs to change the civil rights law that says the government will pay for any civil rights litigation. That would put the ACLU down the toilet. In my opinion they file all these lawsuits because they can’t get paying clients.